Sun 27/02-2022 Day 678

Pos: 12.3304,-86.8791
Loc: open beach
Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent
Dist: 29,2 km
Start: 05:50 End: 12:20

The fisherman I talked to yesterday afternoon as spent his night in his boat not far away from my beach, with a small flashing light on top, fishing or not. My night was windy around two o’clock, but it is calm again in the morning. Up early as usual, I paddle out of the gap behind my island with no problems. At some point, a boat passes by, I wave as usual, they try to cha, but sorry, I do not speak Spanish…all good, they hurry off as all other boats.
I think, but am not sure, it is the same boat which comes straight up to me again just before Poneloya, a lively surf city about twenty kilometers behind Corinto. The three guys again like to chat, I smile, say the same, and keep on paddling calmly. They turn a circle, approach me from the other end, but now, my ‘watchdogs’ come to action! My Navy boat, this morning reaching me late, speeds up from offshore, shouts something at the boat people and they speed off. I am not sure if those boat people were really planning something nasty, but honestly, it was the first time I felt glad I have a secret escort with me, who knows what would have developed. Thanks to the Navy people looking after me, even when it might feel annoying at times being ‘watched’ all day. I always said who knows what it is good for. Safety first, I appreciate when they stay with me all the time, ideally like today, far away and behind me, but there, if necessary. Thanks!
I keep on paddling, and show the Navy boys my appreciation with thumbs up. The lively city’s smoke smells like a big joint on a Sunday afternoon, but maybe it is only my imagination.
The weather pattern stays as the other days, strong headwind from noon, I fight for a while, hoping it is only gusty like yesterday, but today, it stays around twenty knots, and things become unfriendly over times. I have to land, pick a reasonable looking spot, and rush over the here wide but again shallow surf belt with the right timing. Around the previous city, the break was on a steep beach and the wash up high, looking unfriendly at high tide. I was thinking I might be able to land to refill water, but no chance. It needs to last for this night and tomorrow’s paddle. I am hoping to reach the small port of Puerto Sandino, another thirty kilometers, and hope to find a chance to refill my drinking water. Maybe my escort guys can help!
The afternoon on the hot oven beach is long, but the strong breeze keeps the sweat at bay. Still, I rather paddle longer!