Sun 27/08-2023 Day 876

Pos: 67.7352,-112.0958
Loc: small rocky river beach
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4
Dist: 42.8 km
Start: 5:50 End: 14:50

No rest today, the headwind is too low. Actually, there is almost no wind until eleven, and then it slowly but surely breezes up to fifteen knots.
I hear already the wind change and the sea calming down at ten o’clock at night when I check the forecast after the early evening nap, but to paddle through the night is not my job. It is finally dark-ish between eleven and five, and cold.
It is also cold in the morning, and as I see a few stars at four o’clock, the sky must be clear. Frost has collected on my tent. I do my best to keep my hands warm on packing with gloves, but the fingertips still freeze. I glide on the calm water at quarter to six, and regret I did not get my ass up earlier. The island to my left is towering high and dark and has no beach nowhere. It feels eerie to pass through the gap.
I wear again my storm cag over the dry suit, but this time under the sray deck. It is less fumbing to pull on nly the main spraydeck, the deck of the stormkag loosely covers my knees and adds to the warmth of the legs. Unfortunately, it does not reach the feet, they become cold as always. My hands finally warm up in the pogies until my lunch break.
But first, I have to cover the bay of quite a point. I leave the coast for a seven kiometers crossing, and hope the wind stays low and the seas flat. Sure, around eleven, it starts to breeze the announced headwind, but it is not too bad. The point is dark cliffs allover, arranged like a staircase or simply sticking straight out of the water. It is an unfriendly view, and I am yearning to see more mellow coast soon again. Gravel beaches offer landings in many corners, so the area feels not too exposed.
When the headwind becomes too fresh and my power is waning, I aim for a lurking white gravel beach, and made a good choice. I set my tent right besides a running rocky stream, with a lovely noise and an easy, clean freshwater-resupply. It is relatively early again, but I have covered my regular forty kilometers, more or less unexpectedly. Tomorrow is a similar low headwind, before a nasty north-westerly kicks in again for likely two rest days. Not sure about the forecast after those days, it sounds mixed.