Sun 27/11-2022 Day 763

Pos: 09.2308,-83.8409
Loc: Dominicalito
Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent
Dist: 39,6 km
Start: 5:25 End: 13:00

I had a peaceful calm night, no monkeys around my tent. I can only hear them this morning shouting somewhere in the trees. Tropical wildlife at its best.
I like to start very early, to reach Dominicalito well before hight tide. I tart at full high tide, which is no big deal here with the right timing. It looks all good, just the sea is much more choppy than I am expecting. Nothing to worry, as it is only the surface. I just about avoid the reef break at Punta Serrucho, which is a bit hidden at hight tide. I am close to pass Isla Magote inside, but remember the river coming out of this corner and better give the area now a wide berth.
Paddling along the endless following beach is not interesting, but I can come pretty close and think the surf on low tide is not too bad. But I do not need to try. At Dominical, I see a high bridge pointing alarge river, and accordingly even ore lumpy feels the sea. I have strong hopes to have a bit more shelter at Doninicalito, and so it is. It is two hours afer low tide, and the beach break looks mellow. I pick a sandy area where a river comes out, close to the boat launching site, and ride over low surf waves on the sandy bank. Still, twice I have to lay on my back deck.
But where to camp? I unload my water bags first and walk up the partly rocky beach. My look around shows no really inviting spot. The fishermen point me also more to the left, but I by no way like to launch again! Unloading and carrying my stuff looks more inviting. My empty kayak I can drag in the running out breakers about hundred meters to the river mouth entry, where I can float it upstream to where the campzone starts. Now, three men coe in handy to help me with my bags and the kayak, thanks so much! We carry everything another hundred meter to an area where the campzone starts. People can drive and park here for a Sunday afternoon at the beach. We find a good spot, and soon the envisioned rain starts!
It has been blowing all afternoon strongly onshore, and now the sky opens all available water tabs. I am not fully done with setting my tent, but I am wet anyway and my gear is all in good dry bags. I set the tent securely into the rocky ground of the high ledge before the beach, which looks like it will be flooded at high tide.
The onshore wind is over twenty knots, bringing the dark clouds hanging all day offshore. The rolling surf waves at now high tide look not inviting at all any more. See how it looks tomorrow. I might have to wait a bit before I can launch.
I have a dinner date today – Debbie Hathaway, the US lady with whom I paddled that half day recently, is in the area for white water paddling and brings us some Thai-takeaway. So nice. I hop through the downpouring rain into er car, and we enjoy our dishes while chatting. Something for the change, thanks!