Sun 28/11-2021 Day 633

Pos: Pos: 15.9652,-97.6762
Loc: Laguna de Chacahua
Acc: Hilleberg Allak 2 tent
Dist: 64,5 km
Start: 06:15 End: 18:15

I am seriously contemplating to have a rest day before this long paddle, but no, what is done is done. I can rest in Puerto Escondido with hopefully some ‘civilisation’ of a shower, laundry, wifi and friendly people looking after me. Fellow paddling lady Patricia Sandoval Alanez volunteered to take car of me somehow. I will be there Tuesday evening, and hopefully have Telcel internet again to get in touch with Patricia!
I know I have a very long paddle today, sixty-five kilometers, and quite precisely twelve hours of daylight. If things go too slow for some reason, I could cut it short and likely land around a larger river mouth about ten kilometers about the safe breakwater landing. I am keen to make it, and not to get into darkness on landing!
I am awake way too early, but have a hard time to keep on resting until it is time to get up at five-fifteen. Still, I am ten to fifteen minutes too early ready, to cross the breaking river bar in very first like. I leave my launching string on my rudder fin attached until I cross the shallows and am fully out. I am also aware that those twenty fishing boats going out yesterday evening will come in also in first light – but I am the first boat to cross the bar today, thank goodness! Not sure how fast or slow their entry would be, not expecting anyone going out…
With a bit of waiting and good timing I can cross the moderate break with no drop in my face. Thank goodness, I am out!Soon, the first fishing boat goes in, perfect timing…
I see something new today – two similar looking sea snakes floating on the surface in about five kilometers distance apart! They are small, black with a yellow stripe, likely poisenous, about fifty centimeters long and maybe three centimeters in diameter. I cannot stop so fast to take a picture, when I try to back up on the second one, it is diving down. The last time I remember to have seen sea snakes was in Australia! Many small flying fish zoom also over the surface, as well as a couple of Manta Rays and the frequent turtlel, still mostly in couples.
Approaching a wide rivermouth area, I am tempted to land on a calm looking area before the opening. But my GPS tells me clearly I would just about make it to the breakwaters in last light, so I dare to keep on going. Behing the river mouth, landing is ugly again, and I dig in deep to cut off even a few more minutes. Sunset is at five fifty-six, and my ETA six-ten. It will work. I know I should not get irritated by the first single breakwater, the opening with the correct pair is behind a bend which I can only see on the last hundred meters. Good to have seen the satellite images, the chart is nothing worth here. This opening is thanfully without break, and the banks inside are on the same place. I stop at the first one to the left, thanful to have made it in last light, and talk to the people at the small beach restaurant about permission to camp which is as always no problem.
Dead tired, I set camp in darkness, and first lay back iside for a while. My skin feel sore all day in various places, and I need to apply some nappy rash cream which is usually helpful to prevent or cure chafing spots in the warm salt water. But it is high time to dry and heal fully! Two more paddling days to Puerto Escondido, both only about thirty five kilometers before I can rest fully. This will work!