Thu 01/12-2022 Day 767

Pos: 08.6906,-83.6667
Loc: Playa Colodaro Bahia Drake
Acc: Mirians Place Drake
rest day

As I have done most of my chores yesterday afternoon, I go for an exploration walk in the village. The closest way to launch again on Saturday is down the road, not through the town. We can walk the short way downhill if I find strong helpers to carry my kayak. I find the coastal hiking path south and immerse myself in a beautiful lush tropical rainforest. Tourists come to Costa Rica to hike in the shade, which feels not too hot, though humid. I cross two wobbly swing bridges over small rivers. The second one would no longer pass any technical supervision but seems to be in use with no restrictions on the number of users. I remember I hiked similar bridges in New Zealand with my four-year-old son in the kid’s carrier on my back. He could not read letters but numbers and noisily disagreed that he should stay on my back when the bridge was restricted to only one person at a time. Strange blooming flowers surround me, massive bamboo poles are growing in groups of hundreds and over fifty meters high, and noisily shouting monkeys make you wonder what is happening here. A secluded river mouth opening is the parking place for a dozen diving boats. I pass a few jungle accomodations and restaurants only to reach by foot, which look not out of place here in the bush. Eco-tourism is working well in Costa Rica.
I turn around at noon, my bare feet in sandals rub finally too hard against the strings. I am also unprepared for a whole day out and carry no water or food. But it was worth the experience. I browse in the three tiny local supermarkets for treats. But besides two large pineapples, a few fresh bananas, a few small bars of white chocolate, and some salty peanuts, I feel all set with food. I am glad I brought y breakfast mix, as I do not see any worthy oats or cereal, but at least bags of powdered milk. As my cabins have a communal kitchen, I also purchase one mac and cheese parcel and gulp the unusual ‘treat’ down in my cool room. I still do not feel like cooking in the evenings on the hot and humid beaches.
I stay in my air-conditioned ‘hospital room all afternoon to dry and heal my skin while doing valuable office work. It is more important than exploring the backcountry. I work ahead of all the waypoints where I want to land, complete tables, tracks, and pictures, and edit my blog entries – business as usual.