Thu 02/12-2021 Day 637

Pos: Pos: 15.8592,-97.0644
Loc: Puerto Escondido/ Zicatela
Acc: Hotel Ines
Dist: 0,00 km
rest day

I went to bed way after midnight yesterday, but going out with Patty was it worth for the change and a very nice cultural experience. Patty is so lovely looking after me! But it is nice to see what kind of ‘holiday’ I would NOT prefer. Beach, water, sand and meeting other people in bars and restaurants in the evening is not for me on the long run. I need nature and my solitude by myself or with my loved partner. We also watched some tandem skydiver landing right at the beach, and this put me back to my own skydiving times as a tandem pilot twenty-five to thirty years ago. Where is the time gone?
This morning I finish my office work and gear update before I get called out of my room for a radio interview. Laura, the daughter of hotel-owner Ines, is translating the few, not very deep-going questions which went even live on air. The heck, the interviewer should inform themselves a bit more, or at least talk to me before the live interview about what I am really doing…but I had more mellow interviews in South America. The following talk with Laura and her grandfather Jürgen in German was more exciting! Thanks to the family to host me in their beautiful ‘Hotel Ines’ for those three nights!
I walk by Patty’s Hair Salon, and she is so kind to pep up my growing gray roots – how nice! I Acapulco I get a massage, in Puerto Escondido a hair treatment and a free hotel room – no complaints about the friendlyness of Mexican paddlers! Later, Paty drives me to pick up the laundry and to see a supermarket for some fresh fruit. I cannot help but invite her again for a last dinner out at a beach restaurant – for the third time garlic shrimps, LOL! Patty orders natural coconut water – and gets a whole fresh, nicely chilled sweet coconut which is cut open for a straw. Delicious! I also order one, but mine is not fully chilled and less sweet, but still good, and Patty urges me to swap. She is so lovely! It is quite windy tonight, almost chilly, but the last dinner with Patty closes my res days in Puerto Escondido. A lovely short stay to recover mind and body!