Thu 03/12-2021 Day 638

Pos: Pos: 15.7422,-96.8600
Loc: El Puertecito
Acc: Hilleberg Allak 2 tent
Dist: 28,2 km
Start: 08:00 End: 15:50

I did not get enough sleep, like always on a city stay. We agreed to meet at seven o’clock to drive to the Playa Principal where I stopped, but somehow the friends with their truck which Patty organized to transport my kayak easily do not show up. Her own small old car has a wobbly roof rack, but we mangage strap the large kayak on top safely and Patty is driving slowly with a pounding heart to the beach. The two SUP boards she and her friend Carlos like to use for a short escort paddle to La Punta have to travel with Carlos in a taxi to the beach. The three of us set of on relatively calm water in the bay, but I see the surface has changed with the strong breeze since yesterday evening. Patty has to work a bit hardr as her board is not gliding over the tiny chop as easy as my loaded kayak. But she does well! Carlos, a young man, is stronger but manages to fall in the water twice – with a big grin on his face he climbs back on. At the rocky point, they turn around after a bit of rest where I can help the with water and a few grapes. Thanks for escorting me to here!
But after the point, the headwind kicks up to quite fifteen knots and the chop becomes lump and nasty at times. Not good for my overtired body…I should keep my sleep routine on a city stay, but this is hard if good friends are looking after me! I have to switch form ym audio book to music to keep my eyes open and to punch hard into the wind and chop.
But I decide to land already at Puertecito, not even thirty kilometers for the day…well, better than falling asleep while paddeling. A calm bay is lurking, but I have to navigate through a minefield of reef rocks to safely land without hitting one. Buat all good, I have done that once or twice… I land at a small fishing boat site, where the fishermen just have opened a lot of oysters and have arranged them nicely on a large plate. I am invited to join their feast, but sorry, raw oysters are not my fancy. Maybe I am an ignorant…people ay a lot of money for eating fresh oysters, and here they are lush and as fresh as it goes on offer…
I find a shady flat spt on top of the beach, where a man from Alaska with his Mexican wife has settled for the winter in a small house, originally living in Ketchikan. The are friendly offering me to join them for a sundowner, but I am just tired, although I go for a short snorkeling trip through the reef rock on my beach. But it is not very exciting, some fish, but nothing special.
Tomorrw, I will meet Rebecca and her friend Ivalu at Play Tembo who like to join me in a double kayak- Rebecca also brings me my food parcels which I left in Manzanillo. So nice!