Thu 08/12-2022 Day 774

Pos: 08.1087,-82.3636
Loc: Isla Parida
Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent
Dist: 58,3 km
Start: 6:10 End: 17:20

I slept well and safe with earplugs. I am up early, and launch with the full moon in my back facing the lit horizon to the east. Soon, the sun raises beautifully into my face, while the full moon stands still in my back. So nice! Yesterday was the first day without rain, and today seems also a clear day. But it will be a long day. The seas are calm, only when the wind breezes up it is a little choppy, and also when I cross the major river estuary outlets. One can see it even with the many floating sweetwater plants. Only one doubious boat sits or a while within my view, I am not sure if it was the coastguard. They had such a strange flag. But they thankfully move away soon. I do not like boat contact in the middle of nowhere.
My island destination grows out of the horizon, and the continuous sidewind shifts e a few degrees from my direct line. No big deal. I see my small white sandy beach lurking from about three kilometers distance, though I am for a while not sure if this is the right one. But it is, and it is a perfect wild lonely beach. I has some corals, therefore the white color. To my right, I see some human tree house constructions hanging in the cliffs, but they seem to be abandonend, as well as some structures in the high swamp grass behind me. A concret wall is also a sign of ancient civilization tries here. But now, nobody is around, and it feels a little eerie due to the old human sites. I will paddle into the adjacent bay tomorrow where I saw a house on the satellite images.
I set my tent on top of the beach, considering the position of the palm tree nuts, have a swim, take a few pictures, and am pretty tired from the long day. It looks like another dry night, and I leave my tent roof open over my bug net. I hope I do not have to close it dues to rain in the middle of the night. The beach, as nice as it is, has quite some plastic trash. No one cares here to clean up anymore.