Thu 11/08-2022 Day 720

Pos: 70.0272,-145.3714
Loc: behind Canning River
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 19,9 km
Start: 16:235 End: 20:30

We saw on the long term-forecast for today the up to thirty knots westerly wind will go down again in the afternoon like yesterday, or even earlier. But when we are ready to pack and leave at the same time as yesterday, it is still blowing twenty-five knots. We rater launch inland, and even this proves a bit tricky with the choppy wind waves. But as soon as we leave the shoal area around the entrance and hit deeper water, the wind waves disappear and life is easier. After an hour and a short small snack dinner on the inner beach, the wind is down to a pleasant push. We did well to decide paddling on the inland coast again, as when the Canning River delta comes up, we just have to rail along the steep banks upriver and back out again for the best safe path through the shoals. The sun comes out, but behind us, the sky is mystical dark. The mountain range to our right shows as beautiful as yesterday in the sun under the cloud cover, and we praise our determination to also paddle this calm evening after another strong windy day. We ride down the area between the outer barrier islands and the marsh mainland, and feel pleased with this choice. But our energy level is not as high as yesterday, and we camp on a sandy inner coast beach earlier than the other day. But tomorrow is supposed to be a full paddling day, and we will make regular progress the next two days until Kaktovik. All seems to go according to plan!
After landing for camp, we first check the sandy beach as usual for traces, but only caribou and small critters, not a single bear paw. We see the herd in the distance to the mountains grazing happily in their very own environment. But at some point, while she is still changing out of her dry suit, Lilja says in a low voice, “Freya, there is an animal!” What? Oh well, she is just taking pictures of a curious small arctic fox, nothing to worry about!