Thu 21/07-2022 Day 700

Pos: 71.2584,-156.2221
Loc: Elson Lagoon
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 0,0 km
strong wind day

The forecast calls already for a day off. North-eaterlies up to thirty knots are even without swell not inviting for us. Especially not on the second day. Given Lilja’s jetlag to work off, we are not unhappy about this wind and settled already yesterday for a day off. The tent stands rock-stable into the wind and the pegs hold like strong suction cups in the wet marsh soil. It blows and blows onshore, and whitcaps crown the brown lagoon waters allover. Beside one small adjustment on Lilja’s footrests, tightening mine and cutting the edges off our make-shift pogies, there is no other work to do than sleeping, eating, chatting and reading. No animals around to see on the wide flat marsh, just endless caribou hoof and bird feet prints. The river banks are muddy, thank goodness we do not have to refill fresh water yet.
We snack on deli ham, Knäckebrot, tube cheese, salty nuts and sweet bars, and are too lazy too cook another hot dinner. The area does not invite for a longer hike, and as soon as the wind goes a bit down tomorrow morning, we will be on our way again. Still with headwind, though, but hopefully not too bad. After all, it looks like we can land on many places along the coast and do not need to stay out. We might cross to the inside of the barrier islands to Cooper Island to avoid the fifteen kilometers crossing of the large bay. But we also might just do it, we will see!
Lilja was just about to go outside the tent when I see an furry animal of undefined shape but a bushy tail running in high speed in some distance past our tent! I quickly dump everything to get closer to my tent entrance for a better view. With my handy binoculars I confirm my thought about it is ‘just’ a fox. But he has a bird or duck in his mouth, this is why he looks so big! Lilja calms down, and walks outside in the now foggy-wet, but still strong wind. It is supposed to ease a bit tomorrow, hopefully without fog.