Thu 25/11-2021 Day 630

Pos: 16.5556,-98.7769
Loc: Playa Hermosa
Acc: Hilleberg Allak 2 tent
Dist: 53,5 km
Start: 07:40 End: 17:40

How nice it feels to sleep with a safe feeling about being in a small village where there is likely nobody bothering me, no voodoo-dancer is appearing close to my tent, and I even dare to stuff ear plugs in to escape the surf noise and some distant music. I sleep deep and sound.
When I get ready and packed, I am once more surrounded by dozens of curious people, and when I come to my ritual breakfast sitting on my kayak while watching the surf, I am waving once with my arms around me to get a bit of space while I am eating and flirting with a two-year-old cute baby-boy. His mom is keen to have a picture with him and me and reaches him to my lap which the little man does not feel comfortable with. He might have noticed I was willing to stuff him into my back hatch to have a bit of male company 😊
This surf belt is doable even on the stron tide this early morning, launching in time is easy from the very steep sandy beach, and the wave lines are clean and distant enough to wait them out breaking upfront me. All goes well, and off I am in my favorite early morning time!
I plan to have a longer day, and to land on a likely easy corner of a wide bay. Once more, my new fancy to listen to an ebook helps me over the reatively uneventful paddle along an uneventful coast. When I stop for my second breakfast, the deep water is so clear I can see swarms of large fish under me. Manta Rays and turtles add to the pleasure.
I reach a corner with some reef rocks where I could land in many bays, but I like to keep on going. I have to give the sharp reef point a wide berth as it has many submerged rocks and creates some lumpy water, but no problem for me. Finally, I aim for a small village at a slightly confused river mouth where boats go in and out, but it does not look inviting enough to cross the lumpy bar with my muscle power.
My goal is an area looking like te calmest spot in the wide bay, and I see three options where fishing boats are landing on the beach. The first one has the most low beach with two boats on shore, and does look friendly. But out of curiosity, I do like to check on the other two boat landing spots. The second one feels too steep, and the third one’s camping options are bad with beach restaurants full of signs belonging to some holiday place. I turn quickly those fivehundred meters back and land with no problem through a low dumper on a moderate steep beach. A fisherman helps me to haul my boat out of the back wash, and I ask if camping just here woud be ok? No problem! Perfect.
I am too tired for anything, but still cook a portion of bulgur with dehydrated mushrooms. Nothing exciting, and it is only my third time cooking on this section at all. Plus I have my evening lemonade with my sponsored fresh lemons. This tops even my vitamin drinking pills which have some fruity flavor! My appetite is just low in the heat which is actually feeling not too bad anymore. Am I on the way getting used to it, or are the temparatures really getting a slight bit down?