Tue 06/12-2022 Day 772

Pos: 08.0770,-82.9047
Loc: Playa Bonita
Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent
Dist: 44,1 km
Start: 5:35 End: 14:05

My fishermen come around eleven o’clock. As I am prepared for this, I am not worried what is going on there, and sleep well most of the night. The daily tropical rainfall came already down at three o’clcok in the afternoon, and now, I can have the doors wide open for ventilation. It is peaceful if it would not be for the roosters of the family, and the howler monkeys which sit likely everywhere in Costa Rica’s jungle forest. I am up very early, and am keen to finally reach Panama tomorrow. I paddle down to the point in a straight line, the ever-green jungle coast does not give much entertainment. I am a bit apprehensive about Punta Burica, but the seas get calmer the more I am away from Punta Banco behind Pavrones. I know Playa Bonita has on low tide extensive rock shelfs, but somehow on Google sneaked a picture of a white sandy beach for Playa Bonita, and my expectations are high. But the heck, how could here be a white sandy beach…I approach on high tide a cliff beach with barely a sandy landing upfront. But it is calm, despite the cliffs looks like every year they are eaten by the sea a bit more. A lot of trash gathers also here, but unlike on my last beach in Pavrones, no one picks it up.
I scratch only lightly over some submerged rock shelfs, but no big deal, I can get out quickly and guide my kayak to a sandy spot. The cliff top has flat grass, and it looks like the adjacent house property has set his fence behind a communal area with a bench. Perfect for my tent. I just have to climb the cliff with gear bags and drag my kayaks two meters uphill. It works, no one is to be seen at the house.