Tue 07/12-2021 Day 642

Pos: Pos: 16.0125,-95.3966
Loc: behind Bahia de Bamba
Acc: Hilleberg Allak 2 tent
Dist: 48,1 km
Start: 07:10 End: 16:45

I wake accordingly tired, but I need to go! I saw the long-term weather forecast yesterday evening, know today will be a bit stronger following southerly wind in the afternoon, but then until Saturday, the weather and sea looks easy again. So I have five days to reach Puerto Aristo, until I might have a few days off. Actually, I rather feel like a rest day today after the disturbed night, but this has to wait.
The beach is almost clean of baby turtles, who did not make it to sea by himself or with the help of the kids at night, got eaten by the many vultures. I say goodbye to Rebeca and Ivalu, it was nice to have them along! Two days with lovely company, but also little sleep. I launch through the dumper in good timing with ease, and am back to my lonely business. But today, it is animal viewing day! First of all, I literally float in a turtle soup! The thousands of turtle babies which emerged in the night with more or less hep from us and the local kids, populate still the surface. Every now and then I enjoy catching one of the cute creatures! But I am wondering why they are still on the surface, an easy catc for some sea birds? I am also wondering why I only see fully grown up turtles, and now those babies? Where are they when they are growing?
I spot about a dozen of sea snakes floating close to me. They are mostly about an arm long, and thick as my thumb, black with yellow long stripes. I can catch a few nice pictures! Another floting object catches my eye – a young bird, floating helpless at sea! I have already rescued another one in South America, but that one finally flew off again until it sunk back uncatchable to sea. This one seems to be exhausted and dripping wet. I set him on my deck bag where he grips the bungees and closes his eyes to regain his constitution while his feathers dry in the sun. It seems to work! After about half an hour, he shakes his feathers, and starts looking around, but naps once more a bit. Suddenly, he takes off in an effort finally flying to the land! He obviously does not trust this floating object with the closeness of a human…he makes it about half in low flying height before he falls back into the water!
I contemplate to pick him up again, as it is quite close to the surf, but in a lull, I quickly paddle up to him and rescue him once more! Stupid baby bird! The same process again, feather-drying in the warm sun, eyes closed, finally looking hectically around “What am I doing here?” and he takes off again after another alf an hour. But this time, he gains enough height and makes it successful over the surf belt and back to land! Yahoo! Call me bird rescuer…I am hoping he survives on land for a while and grows to a strong adult.
It is getting windier, though nicely following, but the sea also raises. Some headlands feel already a bit nasty. I skipped the perfect landing after twenty-five kilometers, as I want to paddle longer and make it to spot where I think it is a good sheltered landing with some reefs. I have finally to round another dominant point, the sea is big and lumpy! Also, the oint is broad and high and the wind funnels through and down the gaps. No pleasant paddle, I have to concentrate andam disappointed that turning around this point, the sea does not get calmer but reflects nasty on the cliffs. Only five more kiloeters to my landing…A fishing boat is passing me from behind, they are probably very amazed to see me in the lumpy windy sea. But I wave just fine, and let them go. What else should I do than keep on paddling? I am contemplating tow calmer looking beaches just under the cliffs, but sea and wind are nasty, I better keep on paddling to the ‘calm’ corner…Seas and wind stay nasty, nothing calms much down…I am so glad I am by myself again! My hope is for the rocky point – behind this one, it must be calm again like on the many other points? But I have badly misjudged this coner, it is between two big mountains and a huge dune mountain to my right. A windy corner, and especially windy today…I see a alm tree hut and a car at the point, there must be a calmer boat landing behind? I am sure the passing motor boat went there to land? But what I only see are surfers behind the point – a bad sign. I see three artificially made break waters – why do they made them when there is no calm corner but only surfers on each point and beach? My hopeof a calm landing are gone…but I NEED to land here! I chose the spot behind the last break water, also free of surfers. That will be my beach…it looks doable, but when I look behind me, I see mountains of water piling up in many rows…I better turn in again in case I need to sprint out to sea? It does not break where I am, but also does not sound friendly on the beach. I still dare to get closer, and finally decided I need to accelerate and take my chance. It almost works…I almist capsize, need to hang in a hight brace for a second but can recover again upright to make the final meters to the sandy ground. I need to be quick, jump out girl! The paddle throw up the beach could be better, but I can grab bow toggle and paddle for the next stronger wash. Ther comes an even larger one…I throw my paddle even higher up and fight with the now almost flooded boat to keep it at least straight. Finally, I can empty the cockpit by tilting it, and drag it a tad bit higher up on a controlled wash. Phhhhew, this was close…I regain my breath, and do not even want to look back to sea.
I camp, I need to look into my rudder attachment nd footrest, tighten and replace some screws before I finally can lay down to write two updates…I raher like to sleep!