Tue 08/02-2022 Day 660

Pos: 13.8972,-90.5072
Loc: Puerto Queztal
Acc: Hilleberg Allak 2 tent
Dist: 33,9 km
Start: 06:25 End: 13:25

Rocio takes me to the launching ramp where my baby spent two protected nights besides the guard’s house. They sent once more a boat out with four guys to escort me out of the port area. Thanks! Bye, bye, Guatemala Navy, a short, but very pleasant encounter.
The sea is calm, and the first entrance between the breakwaters into the backcountry canal would be easy to paddle in. I leave it beside me, and keep on pushing on the open sea. Unfortunately, the wind is all morning already against me, though light, but around eleven, it becomes an unfriendly onshore wind which nasty chop breaks my speed down quite a bit. I keep on pushing for a while to leave two reasonable paddling days before me until I can land safely in Acajutla’s protected harbor area.
When I decide to go in, the surf is trashy, and the soup zone confused. I wait a long time, and finally power in safely and upright, but as usual with a pounding heart. I am always quite shaky once standing again on safe ground! No beach driver or -walker to be seen anywhere to help me with heavy kayak and gear, though there were a bunch in this populated area. I get all stuff up the steep beach myself, and settle down for a bunch of office work, calls and emails, to organize my entries to El Salvador and Nicaragua. All is on the best way!
I hope I will get out of the surf break tomorrow morning with no problems…maybe again some magic strong men show up to help me pushing in…