Tue 13/12-2022 Day 779

Pos: 07.4819,-80.9477
Loc: Tombolo Morillo
Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent
Dist: 43,5 km
Start: 5:25 End: 15:10

My two sailboat neighbors are still ancoring in the channel. I do not see any movements that they use their dinghi to get somewhere, what are they doing all day on such a small boat? Another catamaran is anchoring along the coast of Isla Cébaco. I do not think I would ever fancy the life on a sailboat, only when my kayak would be on board.
To get to the large peninsula, Isla Cébaco is in the way. I chose the detour along its left side inside the Golf. Suddenly, a headless fish lands right besides me in the water. What the heck – where does this zombie come from? I look up and see a large sea bird over me, and realize he must have dropped his prey. He picks it back out of the water after I skipped his dinner offer.
The island coast has a lot of fishermen’s housing sites. At the end of the island, there must be a great current spot for fishing when the tide is moving out of the Golf to the right and left. Thirty small boats are sitting almost on top of each other in a very narrow area. I have never seen this kind of mass fishing. And I see even more boats still sitting on the shore. I also feel the current all morning, unfortnately running against me.
When I cross over to to Punta Duarte on the peninsula, headwind adds to the nasty game. There was no southerly wind forecasted, only for the southern end. It obviousy reached until here. For a while, the tide is still running south with me, and the southerly wind makes a choppy water. I wish I would have remembered from the satellite images that I could have easily crossed inside all those reef isands of Punta Duarte. But no, I think I need to round all of them to be on the safe side. Stusipd me, as the current is running here very stron now against me. I paddle hard for a long way to make headway towards Playa Morillo, my destination for the day.
It is an easy landing on a very shallow sandy tombolo beach, where I can start tomorrow from the other side. No one is here besides on guy with a surf board coming somehow from the island at the point. Well, I will skip the outside of the island, and where people are surfing, it is no place for me anyway. The and here is as fine as flour, and the waves run in mellow from both end. I am hoping the southerly wind is not kicking in tomorrow too early, but the sea is still low. It was just nasty choppo today for a while. Six more paddling days!