Tue 22/02-2022 Day 674

Pos: 13.1642,-88.0024
Loc: Playa Chiquirin
Acc: room in Puerto Corsain
Dist: 0 km

My first worries this morning are if the fresh epoxy layer on my kayak hull has dried out overnight? No, not yet, but I have the whole day. I position the kayak in the bright sunshine, and in the late afternoon, finally, it feels solid hard. This new epoxy brand takes a while!
I continue online work, editing pictures, my trip table, and trip map, but do not get around to everything I need to do. But at least it is satisfying to have started, having first-time on this section fast internet on my laptop. My international sim card still does no hotspot.
At two-thirty, Daniel picks me up to get my passport stamped in the immigration office in town, but the officer says for ‘captains’ it needs to be done in the port itself. Well, the usual routine, they think I am a ‘ship’ that needs paperwork. One hour spent in town. No one is on duty this afternoon in the port immigration office, but Daniel finds the right person to issue all their papers while I can continue working online and organizing and repairing my gear.
Finally, he arrives back with a pile of papers, including three passport copies, three PCR test copies, and three ZARPE copies plus the one and only original ZARPE they could not help to issue. But for the passport exit stamp, the responsible officer also likes to get up at four to stamp me out at four-thirty before we load at five. It has to be done the same day, he insists…
Well, overall, I can only say ‘muchas gracias’ to EL Salvador, everyone has been as helpful as they can to support my trip. Thanks to the people from the ports in Acajutla and Corsain, to the escorting Navy guys, many dozens of policemen watching my sleep and helping me along, the tourism office people welcoming me, the Covid test people, and the German embassy people linking initially things together. Tomorrow, Nicaragua can take over! We’ll see how it goes there. I will start beyond the narrow spot as the tide is still running up at six o’clock, and I do not know how strong this flows there.
I will likely not be able to paddle all of the Pacific coastline this season, I might need to interrupt due to the strong Passat winds in these months and continue in November/ December when winds should be easier. We will see how far I get!