Tue 30/11-2021 Day 635

Pos: Pos: 15.8592,-97.0644
Loc: Puerto Escondido/ Zicatela
Acc: Hotel Ines
Dist: 36,7 km
Start: 07:15 End: 14:40

A quiet night and a launch with no problem – what do I need more? The scenery is still the same – endless long beaches with not much to see, and unfriendly landings on calm water with low wind. I am getting a bit sick of listening to e-books, and for an energy boost, I am switching for the last ten kilometers back to listening to music. During the last days, I can watch the odd Manta Ray jumping out of the water here and there, but on my first song, the magic happens – suddenly, dozens of mantas are jumping around me, up and down, simultaneous, like small fountains in a park. They pop up everywhere, so beautiful! Does my music makes them jump right now in such a high number? I would like to believe it…
I am passing a row of high-rise hotel buildings, before the beach is bare of anything again. Puerto Escondido has two calm bays for landing a boat, the small nice first bay of Puerto Angelito serves me as a brief landing to swap my camera battery which I forgot to dig out of one of my bags. What a life here! The bay is packed with anchoring boats, and the beach and water upfront full with people that I have to wait some minutes until a gap opens up where I can safely beach my kayak. I quickly dive into my bow, swap the battry and am gone again. Not my place here…too full for my content.
I am arriving more than an hour too early on the calm corner of Playa Principal, also here, all is full with boats and people. I text Patricia, and she hurries to meet me, sorry I am early! She is owning a hair and nail salon and is a keen SUP-paddler and part of the paddler’s network in Mexico. Social media connects everybody and helps my trip planning a lot. Thanks to Patricia organizing my stay here! She has a friend’s couple who come with a truck to get me off the beach, as her own beach in Zicatela a kilometer down south has a nasty surf break and is a popular surfer’s paradise. We load my kayak and gear, and I sit with a friend of the truck’s back to keep an eye and a hand on my tied up kayak.
She has made an arrangement with the next door’s beach Hotel Ines for a room with air condition which is balsam for my sore skin. The hotel is a lovely place, right at the surfer’s beach, and run by a German family. Very nice, worth to check it out if you happen to be in Zicatela!
In return, I take Patricia for a well deserved dinner despite my tiredness, but my hunger for different food than what I carry in my bags is stronger. We sit with view on the beach and sunset, and I enjoy garlic shrimp and a jar of fresh lemonade. Not as good as the self-made one in Acapulco, but it his the spot!