Tuesday, 22.11.2022

The night is an endless noisy, bright thunderstorm. It flashes every five
seconds, for hours. The matching thunder comes in noisy waves, and when the
whole spectacle it is right above my tent, I am wondering if I am sitting
in a ‘Faradaische Cage ‘ – likely not. I did not sleep much, but survived
the night. The rain was rather moderate, but kept on dripping with
daylight-flashes until nine o’clock in the morning.
So no inviting weather for an early start into a long day to Quepos.
I stay on the beach for another boring swears day, but it is like it is.
I thankfully have enough batteries, water and food, so no shortcoming on
this end.
It looks like it stays dry and free of thunderstorms tonight and tomorrow,
and I will probably leave. The seas are still high, but once out on low
tide in the morning, I should be fine until I hit the Marina in Quepos – or
I feel like landing in between.