Wed 01/12-2021 Day 636

Pos: Pos: 15.8592,-97.0644
Loc: Puerto Escondido/ Zicatela
Acc: Hotel Ines
Dist: 0,00 km
rest day

As always, I do office work in the morning on a rest day, calling home to my man and my employees, answering emails, updating my tables and maps, editing my pictures, and organizing the next section.
Patricia stops by, and we expect I have to move to her place where she rents some lovely cabanas for tourists, but my lovely fellow-country-woman Ines from Lübeck who owns the “Hotel Ines” is so generous to let me stay two more free nights in the nice room with air condition. Thank you so much! We chat for a while before I continue my office work.
In the afternoon, I feel like a stroll at the beachfront shops, but it is a mistake to leave the cool hotel room at three o’clock in the worst afternoon heat. Anyway, I play stupid tourist, walk down to the heavy breaking, scary beachfront, climb a small outlook hill and find a large Iguana climbing a small building. At least I treat myself with a large juicy pineapple which I soon start to kill in my room.
Later, Patty invites me to join her at a beach film festival, also a new event after longer Corona down-times. But compared to what happened in Germany in the last months, Mexico feels like a Corona-free paradise. Or are people only not talking much about it, as the (beach) show and the business must go on? Likely, there are more recovered than vaccinated people, I assume, even my host lady had it twice in a moderate form. There are some maks to be seen in the most crowded places, and sometimes you have to use gel for your hands and they measure your temperature. But overall, things feel easy-going and mellow, nobody gives you a strange look when you go without a mask or even asks you to put it on, bars and restaurants are open, and the young people crowd and flirt like always. After all, life is happening mostly outdoors here.
At the festival at a fancy beach resort, we also get gel and temperature measured while we walk in masked, but very soon, no one cares anymore about how you run around. There are double-chairs set decently spaced apart, but people move them and sit however they like, on chairs, on blankets, or in the sand. All easy-going. Maybe three hundred people gather in the beach resort in front of a huge inflatable screen. You can get food and drink in a Corona-conform way, but also here, things are outdoors fully taken easy.
The intro of the film festival is done by an amazing creative a-capella-singer who operates simultaneously a mixing desk to create out of his voice technical variations to add to his real voice. Hard to describe what he did – but it is fantastic! I uploaded a short video on my Google picture album. The sun is slowly setting over the sea, a bunch of fiery torches illuminates the dusk, it is still very warm and the whole scene feels like a holiday of my trip – and off Corona restrictions. Why do European people do not more often fly to wonderful Mexico to escape all European strict rules and enjoy some warm weather in the dark, cold, wet, and Corona-heavy winter?
The first short film feels a bit weird to both of us, and the second one does not grip us either. We would have enjoyed rather more live music! We leave premature to find us in the main tourist trap street in Puerto Escondido. In the cooler night hours, one well-illuminated souvenir stands after the other besides endless bars and restaurants. You see a lot of non-Mexican people strolling around, but it is not really packed thank goodness. But it is noisy!
And who is shouting behind my back: “HELLO!” ??? I usually do not care about anyone doing this to me, but this time it is a real coincidence – my old host Mario from Acapulco’s Swiss Diving Association with his girlfriend! The old and new hosts greet each other, and we have a lively chat. Mario had texted me briefly he is also in Puerto Escondido these days when he sent me his pictures, but to run into him just here is amazing!
Later, Patricia takes me to La Punta, another very popular, maybe more alternative holiday place. Finally, I lose my tiredness and we sit down for some late food and to watch live and people around us. Is there really a cold and dark and Corona-heavy Germany existing?