Wed 02/02-2022 Day 654

Pos: 14.4978,-92.1826
Loc: between Ocos ad Tilapa
Acc: Hilleberg Allak 2 tent
Dist: 37,4 km
Start: 07:55 End: 14:40

I worked on my Janny’s Eis shop business from four to almost seven o’clock, internet here is only good at night and early morning. At least I got done what I liked to do.
Packing went smooth at the concrete ramp. I am always amazed what load my tanker can take! I now have food for eight weeks, six four-lite waterbags, and could still fit three more. It is a heavy barge, but I am independent from shopping besides fresh water!
I am about to leave, when Rolf, the German-speaking secretary of the marina office, comes just in time to wave me off. No other yacht people around, and the now feeling familiar workers are all busy. It feels nicer when there is at least one person to say goodbye to, but oh well! I am an independent traveler. I slowly glide out of the low tide port, avoid all incoming fishing boats and am back on the ocean! A call to my man Peter feels more like saying goodbye for the new start.
The ocean is calm the surf looks mellow, and I am soon feeling back in my element. I continue my audio book where I left it a month ago, and the long straight coastline becomes less long and straight. I have no problems to get back to my physical paddling strength where I left the trip, I only feel some tiredness from too much online work at jetlag hours, but this will disappear soon. Dolphins escort me for half an hour close to the border to Guatemala, so nice! At the border river, there is not much to see about crossing over to another country, all is easy going, n fence, no watch towers. The surf is rising on the running up tide, but I still see gaps and am confident to make it in upright. My goal is the area between the first two villages of Ocos and Tilapa, and on a lull, I hurry to shore through the surf, this time well-timed. I am lucky with three guys on a truck just passing slowly by when I am landing, and I signal them to please help me getting my heavy loaded kayak high enough up the shallow beach not to get caught by the larger breakers on the last hour of the rising tide. Timing could be not much worse to land, but oh well! Tomorrow morning, it should be very calm for launching.
I set up camp close to a shady roof belonging to a small beach restaurant, but do not bother to ask for permission to camp there. I have only a handful single US-dollars in cash for small expenses like fresh water, I do not need any local currency. The same goes for my sim card, I purchased an international one, but when I put it in my phone, it says I have to wait minimum half an hour to get connected, in busy times even longer. I would get another SMS to confirm connection. But so far, there is no data coming, I hope I did not purchase the sim card in vain…
Ah, now it works! I just had to restart the phone! But arggg, I do not get the hotspot and have to send this here with my satellite phone 🙁