Wed 09/02-2022 Day 661

Pos: 13.8105,-90.2868
Loc: behind Buena Vista
Acc: Hilleberg Allak 2 tent
Dist: 27,4 km
Start: 06:25 End: 12:30

I slept not well. No one was disturbing me, but the pounding surf crashing on the steep sandy shore made my camp on the top of the beach shaking. This did not feel like I would be able to get out at all, or by myself without help. I know it changes by the hour, but those “earthquakes” on each explosion of a dumping breaker did worry me and killed my sleep for a while. It is a very steep beach here, and pushing into the water this morning is actually not that tough as my heavy loaded kayak slides downhill easier than on an almost flat beach with a wide wash.
Sure, when I am ready to leave, not a single person is to see within my reach, but I also soon realize I do not need help. The mosquitoes bite through my leggings while I am packing and having breakfast while watching the surf. It is a nasty itch for a while.
But when I am done, I patiently wait the big breakers to be over, slide slowly downhill, just as much as a high wash does not flood my kayak fully. I can keep it straight on the bow toggle. Here, the heaviness of my kayak plays up positively, and I can keep control while waiting to slide it down further.
And my one and only chance comes. On the last smaller wash up, I can slide in, jump on and paddle away without getting a single drop in my still open kayak or face. Thank goodness, the sea lets me out! I am determined not to leave the water until I reach Acajutla in the darkness before midnight, but my well-meant idea is not doable today.
Moderate headwinds start already early to bother me straight into the face, and around eleven, like yesterday, the strong onshore wind starts to whip up the sea. It is a headwind as I have to steer out all the time not to get too close to the surf. I fight for a while with a ridiculous speed below four kilometers per hour, but know I would not like to afford the surplus energy to cut down another fifteen kilometers in four more tough and rough hours to be able to reach Acajutla as planned on Thursday. Now it will be Friday, with two more similar weather and wind days.
I prepare for landing on the here now flat beach, and once more patiently wait for my lull to rush in. I have to make some kind of a criss cross brace to stay upright, whatever that really was, but ride in dry. Here I am, on now a very flat beach with a confused soup zone after the main breaker. So different!
Once unloaded, a friendly older quite charming man comes up for a chat and helps me to get kayak and gear up the beach. Muchas gracias, senor! But he cannot help to ask if I have kids and am married. Sure, both! Another neighbor lady with her son comes later, I could have camped safely in her backyard, with shower and all the trimmings. People surely like to see who is settling down in their living area, but also try to help where they can. So nice! If I would have needed it, I could have taken up their friendly offer to refill water and food, but I am all set, thanks!
It is HOT again the last three days on the beach, the sweat is pouring down by only sitting in my tent, despite a light breeze. I am counting the days to get into the areas further south with less open nasty surf beaches and some protected landings. They will come soon!