Wed 14/12-2022 Day 780

Pos: 07.2142,-80.7847
Loc: small village beach
Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent
Dist: 46,9 km
Start: 5:25 End: 15:10

It is a pleasure to camp on a tombolo and just launch on the other side. It is the last hour of the running up tide, and even on my very flat beach, I have to wait out seven breakers until I can go. The paddle is not on flat but on choppy water, and it is noticeable swell. But I can imagine it much worse here on this crucial sout westerly corner where the swell hits the edges. Still, I am happy about every meter to turn in more and more. There is a choice of beaches before my desired spot, and particularly the first wide bay is a wonderful scenery. I see a fishing boat anchoring upfront a whit ebeach, likely the one which offered ma a ride about tent kilometers before the point. Thanks, guys, but I go on my own keel. They would have een very surprised if I would have agreed to come on board with my heavy loaded kayak.
The next landing choice is a sheltered beach in a national park, too early for me. Two more good landing beaches I also have to leave aside. And Playa Ventana I recognize early enough as a river bar beach which is unfriendly to land. ‘My’ beach seems to be sheltere behind a reef area, but also here, I have to watch the rolling in breakers and wait patiently for a lull. Well, almost, but the rolling out breaker only washed me sideways but did not get me. This beach is also flat, and I have to carry my stuff a bit up to a dry spot. Thankfully, a local man is helping me. Here is a small village of four or five houses. They have chicken and horses, but not sure how often te two visible fishing boats are launched as they sit high up the tiny river where they might get flooded only on big tides. Not sure what esle they are living on here, if there is any agriculture in the hinterland. Three men come together to discuss my matter, and one of them refills my water bags. I am warmly welcome and feel safe on my beach camp. Ltaer, two white French guys with fishing rods come along and explain they also live here. On fishing?