Wed 15/12-2021 Day 650

Pos: 15.5084,-93.2352
Loc: before Playa Palmarcito
Acc: Hilleberg Allak 2 tent
Dist: 45,4 km
Start: 06:30 End: 17:15

Thankfully, the announced night fishing does not happen, and my sleep is undisturbed. Well, if one does not count the cow herd moving by sunset to the beach, just after the family is gone. What is a cows desire on a sandy beach? Admiring the sunset? There is no food for them at the beach. Maybe they just like licking the salty sand? Sometimes early morning, the herd moves back to the grassy hinterland, not without many of them scratching their necks on the poles of my palm tree leaf shade. Just like bears. At least the porcupine does not visit me at night.
I have good hope the wind is much better today, and so it is. However, it is an almost constant headwind, and I am also sensing a countercurrent and my average speed is ridiculous low with 4,3 kilometers per hour. My body works like a well-oiled machine. Around noon, I paddle in a large pod of dolphins, nice! The surf looks as yesterday mostly doable, though the sea feels being on the move and is not calm at all.
Two times, a helicopter flies along the coast, and I discover a plane just behind the dunes. What the heck is tihis quite large thing doing there? Is there a private runway, or is it parked there after an emergency landing? Strange.
I like to go in before the next river opening, somehow I sense it is calmer here than behind it. It is the usual shore break with one fat breaker into a wide confused soup zone, not too hard to handle. In between, there was also steep beach with quite calm looking break. It changes all day, and I am just happy to make it in safe and upright when I am landing somewhere in the ‘bush’. According to the foorprints, it looks like here are not many people passing by, rather a few cows, and no vehicles, and I am hoping for an undisturbed night.
I forgot to mention in the second night sleeping on the beach in Puerto Arista, a small earth quake woke me at night. It feel likely more intense when one is sleeping directly on the gound. Scary, but only one dog was barking. There has also been a stronger earthquake when we have been in Huatulco which I considered as a plane passing by as we were still standing on the beach. And I think I felt a few more vibes here or there, but this is nothinh new for me. Still scary…