Wed 16/11-2022 Day 752

Pos: 10.0649,-85.7652
Loc: Playa Pitahaya
Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent
Dist: 46,2 km
Start: 6:20 End: 15:55

The surf break kept me sleeping on and off only, and also the too long rest. It is once more lie a sauna inside my tent, but a hammock or all-night open bug nets is also no alternative for me. I have to suffer this. In the morning, I wake for diarhhea-like digestion, do my job on my bathroom box, but wonder why my bottom is itching so much. Done, I finally switch on my headlamp, and see millions of tiny ants attacking my open, but empty breakfast box to the left of my head. WTF! How do they get in here? Thank goodness, most of them are not on any other areas. As I have experienced this before, I created a plug which I stuff in the hole which lis left where three zippers meet. But the beasts did not come through there, but through I tiny hole in the inner wall fabric which I have not noticed yet.
First, I grab baby wipes and scrape the majority away, duping the wipes in panic mode outside. Then I remember I carry ant spray, and spread the poisonous liquid over the rest. YUCK! I pack my stuff, get dresses, feeling itchy all over. But they should be gone by now. I will fix the hole tonight.
I launch through the at times nasty dumper and high wash with perfect timing, which is not easy by myself as dragging the heavy kayak downhill on the soft sand is tough. But I am lucky, though I felt my back when finally afloat.
Cabo Velas shows some stunning high dark cliffs, but the sea is calm and all feels safe. An offshore wind comes up already around ten o’clock, which later turns into headwind. I pass an endless long surfer’s beach, which looks packed allover. And once more, I have an area with endless large turles floating around. So nice!
Overall, my speed is low today. I aim for a pretty double-sided beach, but five kilometers short, I see a calm bay between reefs and ahead only reef breaks in the nasty headwind, and I call it a day. No pretty campsite tonight, but it is enough.
During my evening swim, I talk to thre people, and they are so kind to help me refilling my drinking water at a neighbor house. Thanks! I sleep well, and undisturbed.