Wed 27/07-2022 Day 706

Pos: 70.9139,-153.2579
Loc: Lonely Point
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 0,0 km
strong wind and snow day

We did not mind the rest day after the icy belt and crossing day, but having off again after only twenty-five kilometers yesterday is a bit too early. And the brief contemplating of continuing after we noticed that there are no people at the old Lonely Point radar station was wiped away by the soon-starting snow-slush-storm. All night, wet slushy white fluff poured down from the sky accompanied by winds over thirty knots, giving us a wonderful night’s sleep. All day today, it is wet-snowing and raining more on than off with winds around twenty-five knots and rough seas. The bad thing is that the wind is actually now following-onshore, but what is too much is too much.
We ‘enjoy’ ourselves by filtering some water from a tundra pond. It is the first time I filter water from nature, as here are absolutely no running streams in this ever so flat wet tundra. But plenty ponds, looking after the night’s stron snow and rain quite clear, but as almost everywhere, there isplenty og duck and goose poop around. We carefully scoop surface water with the pot for the squeeze-filtering bottle Peter left for me, but it takes hours on end to squeeze at least one bottle through. Not sure about this system, or if the filter is used already and Peter left me a clogged one. I might try to press-clean it tomorrow. I think, by myself, I would just scoop the surface water and take it like this. Or I would have left my hatches open all night to catch rain water. We are not really out of fresh water we carried from Barrow but as we have time, we can as well use this filter system.
Not sure what the sea feel like tomorrow, and if the last forecast of fifteen to twenty knots north west, still with snow slush and rain, has changed. At least, Friday until Sunday should be low winds and dry, but still around two degrees only. See if this changes also. I am convinced this cannot be a normal high-summer July here in the Arctic, as we have seen it already differently. I still have hope for dry, sunny and calmer days. But we have to take what we get, and can move only as fast as nature allows us.