Wed 30/11-2022 Day 766

Pos: 08.6906,-83.6667
Loc: Playa Colodaro Bahia Drake
Acc: Mirians Place Drake
Dist: 28,8 km
Start: 6:00 End: 11:25

The tropical rainstorm arrived late at seven o’clock last evening, but it was no less than the other days. It felt different, exposed in a small tent in the middle of an extensive flat sandy beach. But the flashes did not find a goal in my round dome tent. After a while, I drifted back to sleep. I woke again to re-open the tent door for more ventilation. Packing the sandy, wet tent in the morning is no pleasure for the tent or me, but there is no other option.
I launch through multiple low surf lines and get a couple of facewashes. The last one was a bit hefty, as it is tough to time such a wide surf belt. In a straight line, I aim for Bahia Drake, passing a cluster of rocky islands. Nothing exciting happens. The water becomes calmer while nearing the north-facing quiet bay. My partner Peter has booked a hotel room for me, as I urgently need to dry out my skin and gear while waiting for the seas to go down around the upcoming land spit.
The forecast shows the last days a big difference in wave height and wind at that end. Saturday, the sea is down enough to enjoy the coast closer and to land safely in low tide times between reefs. As far as I can see, all following days show low seas. It should also bring me safely around the last pointy headland to Panama. It also looks like there might be fewer tropical rainstorms coming, but the days are far away from dry.
The hotel contact regrets that they do not have transport for me to get me off the beach, so I need to be creative. I land at the central city beach spot, where multiple tourists and shuttle boats start and land their trips. It does not take long, and two men approach me to help me drag my kayak higher up. I explain my needs, and one of them sends me Ivan with a trailer. He is happy to load my kayak and gear for ten dollars and drive me to my cabin. Although he knows my kayak sticks out long and me sitting as always on the kayak, he misses a pole and another car by centimeters on the initial starting turn. My heart stops a beat, but there is nothing I can do. Unfortunately, Ivan is also not reacting much to my hand signals. He would need to slow down on the bumpy steep ride over the unpaved village road with many potholes and puddles. My poor baby gets mistreated but, thankfully, suffers no damage.
My room is spacious, modern, and clean, and I start a rinsing and showering orgy. First comes the kayak, which gets a space in a shed with a roof, then myself and all the other gear. I give a bundle of laundry to the lady next door and paint my kayak hull a new layer of epoxy. I hope it dries enough in the humidity for the next two days.
My skin is itching. The worst time is always just after showering before it is dry. But even then, I suffer a lot of tiny bites from whatever flying critters. So far, I did not apply cortisone cream, but tonight, I do. There is no need to scratch my skin bloody. How am I yearning to be out of the tropics, but this will take more endless months of paddling. The best thing I can do here, where there are no lush private hosts, is to buy myself into a small hotel with air conditioning every week or such. Thank goodness, prices are affordable, but it sums up.