Thu 07/07-2022 Day 686

Pos: 71.3009,-156.7683
Loc: Barrow
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent

preparation day with Traci

This night was better than the previous one, not too many quad bikes and beach carts were driving up and down and close to our tent. I put up two more ‘barrier’ trash pieces up besides the yellow bucket, just to claim our ‘safety corridor’. I work on my writing in the morning, while Peter takes up the invite of Marvin to meet him at the resuce station for more information about the area. He gets the chance to jump in his truck to drive out to the spit to scout the ice situation. He comes back with good news, the inside lagoon is supposed to be ice free and open water as far asone could see. I ask hime how far they have been driving? Until the road ends, he says. This is not fully up to the spit, but I do not give it more thoughts. If it does not work out yet, then we will just have to wait a bit longer. I tie up some more lose ends to get ready to leave, which includes a small shopping for the last bits and sending two parcels back to Anchorage with unneeded things.