Fri 13/03-2020 Day 503

Pos: 27.2413,-110.4008

Loc: behind two breakwater canals
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 44,1 km
Start: 7:05 End: 16:40
The night was calm, so the for the evening forecasted 25 knots were happening already at 1.30 pm. No problem, we made the right decision to go into this inviting entry!
The next morning, a bunch of coyotes strolled along the beaches to see what during the night the sea has brought in. We paddled out, and along the beach to find the big lagoon entry n about 12 km. The sea was relatively lumpy offshore, and I decided to have a check on how it would be to paddle between the first and the second sand bar. The break on the second sand bar was randomly here and there, and nothing violent at all, but enough to make us paddling not side by side anymore.
The autobahn between the sandbars was wide and not so lumpy, and we kept on paddling there for a while. I saw the entrance opening up and decided to go the chicken way completely over the first bar which was breaking rather baby-surf like. We got even stuck on the shallow bar but could wade a few hundred meters into the “real” opening. To the right, it was breaking a lot on another sand bar. I sensed the main opening was behind this bar, but we assumed on climbing a small dune we could find our way inside also from this entry.
From the left deep channel, two motorboats with fishermen came out, but they drove full out and did not try the inside path. No wonder :-), as we had to get out and tow our boats behind with wading in the shallows once more for a while, but not much. A large dead dolphin found his end on a sandbank, also a small fishing boat. We followed the “bottle channel”, a path littered with bottle floats attached to crab pots. They must check those ones here on a higher water level…
Finally, we reached deeper water again, where many more fishing boats buzzed around to lift crab pots, all in maximum knee-deep water, which seemed to be enough also for them. Clever enough, I had only marked the precise waypoint for the possible entry from this lagoon to a village, but not the exit itself. And as the chart is nasty bad in Mexico, I just had to navigate to the southern exit via this source and by vision. Not an easy job of sitting so low and all coast is shallow! But my guesses waypoint exit was at least in the right direction, and we saw two possible openings showing up. But soon, they seem to close again…until I found the solution in a shallow sandbank just showing up in the direction of the exit. We landed briefly, stood up, and saw everything wide open upfront us.
But there was still 10 km to go! I got nervous about the right exit location and tried my Google Maps on my phone which had reception here. I could type in my GPS the correct waypoint, which was not too far away from my guessed one. This spit of land close to our left had a small beach, where we tried to have a better view, but we could not make our way to the tip through the mangroves. Ok, let’s aim to the huge white dune looking like it is on our way!
To our right, we saw a boat afloat which looked empty. And three other boats around…but why are they so small? It turned out those were men standing in the waist-deep water, with a floating basket or such, and they were likely dragging manually a large scoop net over the ground! Many more bottle-floats around.
We finally reached the high dune via great small surfing waves and 15 knots pushing from straight behind. A shallow foreshore made us leaving our boats on a sandbank, and we sat down for lunch. The climb on the high dune gave us not only a view of the exit but also a great view completely around! An amazing scenery here!
We easily paddled through the exit channel and many dolphins outside and wanted to go for another 10 km and two hours. Outside the bar, the swell was up and the waves crashed pretty nastily onshore. But I sensed it would be better further down the coast, and so it came. We approached a breakwater jutting ut, one of those irrigation channels. The shore break meanwhile was really down, but unfortunately, on Friday evening, there were three cars on the left side plus some fishing shacks with boats tied up inside the breakwater. We didn’t like to camp here with people and went on. behind the breakwater, there were another two cars with loud music and young people enjoying their beach life…also, no place for us…we carried on to the next pair of breakwaters and noticed the shore break increased again…maybe we can just land inside these ones?
Sure, just inside the calm breakwater opening, there was a fishing boat busy…and we decided to paddle on for a short while to be out of sight. The landing was basically easy again with some good timing. A lot of trash littered the upper beach, but we found a tiny sand dune for our tent, clean of everything. All good!