Fri 20/03-2020 Day 510

Pos: 25.8158,-109.4236

Loc: Boca de Rio Fuerte
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 42,8 km
Start: 6:20 End: 13:55
The seas and wind calmed down overnight, still, the launch was slightly lumpy to get out. But we made it both fine and paddled along with dolphins for hours. The wind was yesterday rather perpendicular west and created nasty waves, today they were finally rather pushing, even when it breezed up around noon.
We passed a small beach village which was built as many others way too close to the waterline, but in the second line, houses looked ok. Still, no one around this time of the year. We paddled again along a ghost village…
A few other river openings created more or less lumpy waves which we gave a wide berth. Te tide is down around noon, so any shallows had running wind waves. But as we knew they are not violent, we stayed relaxed.
We were rather amazed by ourselves we had no problem reaching the Rio Fuerte river mouth, which had as expected hundreds of small waves far out. I was planning to enter the river by the chicken way, as it was unlikely to find an unbroken opening from our perspective – if there was one at this tide level. When I saw a glimpse of open water behind the breakers, we geared up with PFD and without leashes, and I said let’s see what comes up! Marg was supposed to stay behind me, but please not too close, and she needs to keep her own eyes open. I spotted a gap in the outer a bit larger break, spontaneously turned in and sprinted through the gap in a wider channel of almost unbroken water. Marg made it over thank goodness also fine, and I already showed her thumbs up!
I paddled for a few minutes inside this channel when I thought it was tie to cross the low inner break into a channel of shallow calm water which led over an even a bit shallow sandbank straight into the river mouth. Even when we stood up for a better look, outside it was all white breakers, no gap to see any more. I felt like thumbing my nose into the direction of the breakers – we were safely in! Well done, ladies!
A lonely fisherman in a small boat in the main current was holding a rod into the water and was probably dreaming along and got some big eyes suddenly being greeted by two gringos in kayaks! We landed just behind him on the middle sandbank for a better overview and found a beach n the land side which looked inviting for us to camp. We decided on a spot, but after dinner seeing the water rising by the hour, we changed to a but higher site. We had learned from that night some days ago…
As I had an internet connection, we spent, unfortunately, most afternoon hours by researching our exit of the trip likely tomorrow in Topoplobampo. We both decided it is time to go home with this international hype about the new virus – before all flights might be canceled and we might be stuck in Mexico for weeks or months on end.
Hopefully, for all of us, the international crisis situation will calm down soon for the better!