Fri 28/02-2020 Day 489

Pos: 28.3414,-112.8672

Loc: behind El Barril
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 41,0 km
Start: 05:35 End: 14:50
High time to go paddling again! The night was calm, and the sea smooth again. Well, at least here…All calm before and around Punta San Juan Bautista, plus mostly thereafter. This is where the coast trends north.
Around the next pointy point of Cabo San Miguel, things became a bit lumpier. For a long while, the reflecting waves against the coast gave us (me) a lovely ride, Elizabeth felt more like concentrating but was doing all right. The headwind was moderate, just the sea was choppy in the southern end of the wide bay. But oh well, we had it worse! And Elizabeth could also take more
The wildlife of the day were three dolphins, jumping high up for a couple of times, two coyotes on the beach with another one howling in the backcountry plus another one in our early morning hours. Some turtles, pelicans, Blue Footed Boobies…the usual stuff.
I found a strange non-artificial object in the water, it looked like a twin-eggshell, hollow with an open end, solid white but clear at the two pointy ends, glibbery, stretchy but firm, and it might have fit a goat’s hoof while showing off its painted hoof nails through the clear ends. What the heck was that?
We had lunch on a small white granite beach, a lovely place and so different from most of the other beaches we have been on. Another white beach had steep vertical cliffs behind it, and absolutely no exit to the sides of to the top. I called it “white prison”. I landed for curiosity an found some messy old fishermen’s camps and two larger turtle backshells. I played around with some pictures, and guessed they would also make a perfect sun hat? Well, we were hoping to wash hair tonight after picking freshwater at the next small fishing village…it gave some hilarious pictures.
We landed at the village El Barril, where a fisherman was happy to refill our water bags out of his drinking water barrel. A simple hose to suck on made the water flow straight into our bags and a few pesos into his pockets. Thanks! They had a small concrete jetty ducking low to one side of the beach. While Elizabeth was still packing, I had fun paddling underneath with my nose glued to my front deck, and mad the three fishermen smiling watching us from the other side. In general, the local guys are helpful, but their curiosity is within comfortable and polite limits. Our language barrier makes it not easier for small talk.
We kept on paddling for a while against some nasty wind to get out of the sight of the village, the next two white people’s houses and the ghost hotel. Aren’t here any resorts in this season showing any sign of life or usage? We were so much looking forward to a swim and shower tonight! The sea was actually pretty chilly after the three days of stormy weather, but refreshing. So nice to get the three day’s dirt and sweat layers off! It took a while to get warm again, and it is so nice to be in the wind shelter of the tent!