Mon 09/03-2020 Day 499

Pos: 27.9482,-111.0582

Loc: San Carlos
Acc: SV Pellucidar
Dist: 43,1 km
Start: 7:00 End: 16:15
This morning, our tent was outside quite dry, but my shirts inside the tent on the laundry line still wet. Hmmm, we need a different system. Or more sunshine! Today was calm seas and wind, very different from yesterday! No lumpy headlands – but noticeable long-period ocean swell. Going into coves, between rocks or landing on beaches had to be done with timing. We are not out of the Sea of Cortez yet at all, but the swell is there. Any other waves the other weeks were just wind-whipped.
The cliffs were almost as stunning as yesterday, despite being a slight bit “over-beautiness-tired”, we still looked into every nook and cranny, and I took many pictures. One long huge cave-tunnel was amazing, it had shelves inside to each side and a narrow water channel I could follow until the not possible exit, and I had o back out. One needs to be able to handle the rudder going backward securely in such narrow channel, it’s kind of like driving with a trailer backward. Marg preferred to stay out of this one, though one could almost handrail! One narrow cave was double-kayak-length, one easy-going large beautiful luck-bringing arch, some wide-open caves and one like a huge garage opening. Most others were beautiful to look at, but not accessible. Behind every point, a new view popped up, and new explorations invited us to stay close to the coast. Few houses to see until we reached the San Carlos area.
There was a triangle viewing-platform built quite daring free-hanging high over the edge of the cliffs, just the glass bottom was missing. Nice construction, but just there, I found the cliffs were not really stunning?? We had nicer scenery until straight into the cove where the Marina San Carlos is. Fancy houses in that cove, some of them for sale. When arriving at the marina, “our” yacht was easy to spot right at the entrance. Thanks so much again to Linda and Walt Drechsler to let us stay there, despite they are not home! We had to find the office first, and signing in was easy, as the clerk remembered the email from Walter. I got a key card for the dock gate and bathrooms. The yacht was basically shut down, but we just stayed in the top cockpit area where we had space enough. We had a nice hot shower, and though we were too tired to shop already tonight…we will have to have a day off. Marg got some takeaway shrimps with pasta instead of cooking tonight, yummy, thanks!
Looking own further south, there is no distinct city or even village on the way, we will likely shop for three weeks until the next change of paddling partner will happen. Markus might have to shop with me in a tiny village, we’ll see