Mon 10/02-2020 Day 471

Pos: 25.8115,-111.2939

Loc: north of Puerto Escondido
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 36,0 km
Start: 08:30 End: 16:00
I forgot to mention our one and only “real” cave exploring yesterday! I named the long 30 m tunnel “crab cave”, as colorful crabs were all over the walls. Nothing for someone with a spider-phobia or such…they were also crawling 2 meters high above the waterline, ready to fall down on us anytime…
We were hoping to have a calm night after the coyote-wake-up. But no way…even worse! The wind, quite moderate on setting up the tent as always just sideways along the beach, breezed up so much ninety degrees offshore that we finally had to turn one end into the wind. Three times getting up to fix the pegs in the gravel better than before and weighing them down with rocks were not successful. A tunnel tent is simply not built to have the strong gusts from the side! We could avoid the strongest gusts by holding against the tent poles from inside. We just about made the turning with two people, no damage, no ripped seams, fabric or broken poles. Hilleberg quality! But also a Hilleberg tunnel tent needs to be put up facing the wind. Finally, we had peace. But not much sleep.
We got up an hour later than usual, and were gliding along beautiful landscape as usual. We are missing wildlife on the beach, at least some donkeys should be visible as their shit is allover! But nothing nowhere, not even on the water. Two flying fish were worth mentioning.
Looking at the satellite image of Puerto Escondido, we had the idea to paddle for the change of view into the lagoon and to haul over the narrow beach. Getting in there, the large yacht we had seen already twice was just coming out. For us was space enough on the sides outside the shipping channel. Inside the lagoon, aboit 40 yachts were moored to buoys, but no people to be seen nowhere. A bunch of more baots and other large yachts were tied up to jetties. I had already may doubts about the beach when going in there, as the shores were all rocks. We still did paddle to both far ends to check out the options, but as feared, the rocky shore was not really inviting on neither side, and camping on top would be rough to not possible. No problem, explorarion successful! We paddled back out again to a small easy gravel beach just around the corner. The sandy beach before Puerto Escondido was littered with tourist camp mobiles, no place for us to be. 20 km left to Loreto tomorrow!