Mon 17/02-2020 Day 478

Pos: 26.8749,-111.9147

Loc: Arroyo Hondo
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 47,8 km
Start: 06:35 End: 16:00
A perfect weather forecast for today! We were just thinking that we were amazed we didn’t run into more kayaking groups than Ginni’s – and there came a huge flotilla just around the corner launching as early as us from the next perfect white beach! Eight double kayaks with Mexican kids and three NOLS guides gave the teenies some idea what Mexican outdoor life has to offer. They were just chasing some dolphins ahead of them. We briefly talked to two of the guides, and slowly but surely it came to them – are you Freya? It turned out I had met one of the guides in Brazil, the kayaking world is small. We left them to their day and kept on going.
More dolphins also today, and more, and more…also three turtles, two in the water sleeping sea lions with their typical fin position up in the air, more Blue Footed Boobies and pelicans everywhere.
As the water and wind were dead calm, we felt we liked once more some music to stay motivated, and while dancing with the kayak to the rhythm on the (through)shiny watery dance floor, we were also “dry snorkeling” with continuously watching the reef passing under our kayaks. Or watching the next school of dolphins passing by.
A few smaller caves were lurking to explore, and we squeezed inside many flat reefs to have an even better underwater look through the clear water. Still, the water had some red algae particles floating around, sometimes more, sometimes less.
For lunch, after we were already easily dancing through 30 km, we stopped on a gravel beach. I found a small three-step swimming ladder in good shape coming from a small yacht with those typical bent ends to hang them on the heck of the boat. I secretly attached it on dry land to Elizabeth’s cockpit for her to have an easier entry. We were laughing to tears and decided to keep it on her back deck – in case of a wet exit, she’d have an easier re-entry LOL as I signed for not being a capable rescue person…it really looked hilarious how the small solid latter was sitting on her back deck LOL! But after a few strokes, it disappeared again under the glossy surface of the sea. We had some fun!
Turning around the last headland to see across the opening of Bahia Conception, we decided to paddle tonight that mere 8,5 km to the mainland. It was still dead calm conditions. I hadn’t marked a beach, but we were aiming to a dark protruding spit which luckily had a beautiful white sandy beach which invited for snorkeling and a hair wash. I found a record sun-starfish with twenty-three arms! The rest were all having only the regular five arms.
Some large fishing boat across Mulege was throwing and taking in an amazing HUGE black net, I can’t recall I have ever seen such a one being lifted. Always something new!