Mon 24/02-2020 Day 485

Pos: 28.0448,-112.8028

Loc: before Punta Juan Bautista
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 17,0 km
Start: 06:35 End: 09:25 (10:25 old time)
Karel’s forecast this morning brought us back to the reality of potential stronger north winds. Up to 17 knots NW this morning, the afternoon already 22 knots NW
Tomorrow and Wednesday 25-35 knots, and Thursday still 25 knots, all NW. Thank goodness we carried enough freshwater to survive three extra days on the beach until we reach San Francesquito, the starting point of our island hopping crossing to Bahia Kino.
But almost four days stuck on a single beach is no pleasure. We thought we should stop today already after four hours of paddling when we spotted now a rare small sandy beach with wind shelter in an arroyo. Absolutely ideal for having to hang out for some days. We might have been able to paddle on for an hour or so, but there was a wide rocky headland on the menu before we might reach another reasonably sheltered beach on six kilometers. It was blowing already 15 knots for a while, and the sea wasn’t flat. So this small sandy sheltered spot was ours for the next days!
On our way, we spotted three coyotes strolling along the coast. Some white long things looked from the distance like some boats on the beach but turned out to be two huge rib bones and a large vertebra with a long dorsal process, all likely from Blue Whale. I had to land, to take some pics, Elizabeth stayed rather away from the small dumper. A bunch of important-looking signs along or way made or guessing about what would they be marking? In two places, even three or four signs were stuck together…yellow and black…a contaminated area? A military area? Just marking the timezone change and the change from Bahia California Sur to Bahia California Norte? Or some nature protected area, what we finally later found out. But why are the cactus and rocks here different than anywhere else…? The scenery was nothing special…
Our camp was just below one more of those “everything forbidden” signs, and we’ll see how it will limit our hiking ambitions the next days. We change dour watches to one hour back, but as I will have to do this pretty soon again on the east side, it’s really nothing worth for our inner clock.
When we put up our tent, we cared a lot to the wind direction but decided later to still turn it 45 degrees to stay into the wind in the best possible way. No way I like to get up again at night to do this…
We have enough firewood at the beach, and I had fun collecting all the plastic bottles for a trash fire. Elizabeth is just starting it, and I will stop writing now and go outside again. Can’t say I’m really tired from today’s paddling effort…