Sat 07/03-2020 Day 497

Pos: 28.3800,-111.4799

Loc: before Tastiota
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 40,8 km
Start: 7:05 End: 15:10
Yes, we are on the eastern side of the Sea of Cortez! When on the Baja peninsula, our shirts and pants hung outside overnight have been bone dry each morning, as well as our tent, this morning, everything was still wet, and the tent fly soaked with morning due. Good for the vegetation around us. We see still a few cacti, but bushes on the dunes are many, and more green and different, also with blooming flowers. Some smell nice like spring! We#re really getting out of the desert!
The dune belt is continuous since yesterday, and every now and then we have these channels for the flat fields in the hinterland. We still can’t figure out what they are doing there – sal pans? Growing veggies? Rice? Fish ponds? No idea. The irrigation channels come obviously from the sea and have saltwater, but we also saw at least on the beach only two desalination stations. There might be much more inland. Occasionally, there are houses or even some kind of greenhouses. Who can please tell us what they are doing here in this triangle of land?
The beach upfront the dunes is continuously littered with plastic bottles without end. A shame. And no one cares to clean up anytime soon, nor seems the education making progress not to dump the bottles in the sea. We passed two fishing camps, the first one before the spit where we turned south-east had probably hundred or more boats including the ones running out already all morning, launched by a tractor. The shacks were solid, but not made for permanent living. The small camps on each corner were gone. The second one after the dominant point was smaller, and the beach had quite a dumper, at least today. The dumper got smaller and disappeared over the distance back to no surf anymore.
We felt a slight bit bored by the continuous sandy beach, plastic bottles and dunes scenery, and as this was the first chance to see if Marg likes my music as Elizabeth was suspecting…she was correct! It hit the spot with her, we both were singing along, and Marg had on day two even energy enough to speed also up a bit. But with the light headwind, we rather stayed in traveling pace. The downwind surfing days we were hoping for are still to come…
It took her yesterday not long to get rid of her PFD, and this morning she had it only on for warmth and dumped it again pretty soon. It seems like she is on the way to feel comfortable in my kayak, freed her knees and upper body and also has a reasonable core paddling style with my wing to keep up well with my traveling pace on flat water and calmish winds. So glad! She is also looking forward to opening ocean surfing…see how it goes! This lady has power, despite being one head shorter and even ten years older than me! And I almost rejected her, being too short for my kayak…Her birthday is only seven days later, and she is also a Taurus
We enjoyed watching the pelicans dive-bombing for fish and got a show of six to seven pelicans doing this in sync close together many times. What great fliers and hunters they are! It seemed like this gang did that only for us, and smiled each time at us coming up again. It looked like an air show of seven fighter planes. They did it again and again and in quite shallow waters. How do they judge the water depth compared to the length of their stretched out beak and neck?
After making camp, we went for a hike up the dunes and along the beach, still wondering about the fields, the irrigation system and what they are growing there. For dinner, Marg was cooking the most wonderful pasta with cheese I ever had, with mushrooms, garlic and onions…yummy!