Sat 08/02-2020 Day 469

Pos: 25.3718,-110.9911

Loc: gravel beach
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 40,2km
Start: 08:00 End: 16:40

We gave it an easy start this morning, as no strong wind was threatening today. So nice to get up not in darkness! It was simply just a lovely paddling day along amazing cliffs and beaches. Nothing really particular to notice, besides we expected any time to run into one guided group of Ginni Callahan’s Sea Kayaking Baja Mexico. Finally, we spotted them on a beach inside a larger bay which we were just about to decide to cut across and to miss them in this way…

Ginni herself was guiding, and a young Mexican fellow named Janno. Nine clients, mostly retired US people, in proper sea kayaks enjoyed her trip from Loreto down the coast. Elizabeth herself has been participating in some of Ginni’s trips years ago and knows her well. I thought I had never met Ginni, but she corrected me we have crossed paths once years ago, likely in Anglesey when I was a bloody beginner. My brain is getting old, sorry…

We took plenty of pictures in all kinds of formations, and Ginni enjoyed a short spin in Elizabeth kayak beside me. At least we can say we had paddled a few meters together on this trip! So sorry my paddling time is also her high time for business down here, so chances are low we will share more of my trip together.

A larger yacht was following our path but took off again and thank goodness didn’t anchor in front of our planned beach. A good place to camp, watching a beautiful red sky over the cliffs in the dusk. Tomorrow will be another nice weather day in Baja!