Sat 14/03-2020 Day 504

Pos: 27.0823,-110.0119

Loc: Estero de Huivuilay
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 46,9 km
Start: 7:10 End: 16:25
When I landed last evening, I noticed some broken off wooden posts int the water, but I thought my landing spot was free of them. Marg also came in safely. But this morning, with the water a bit lower, suddenly our beachline upfront was littered by those. We had to launch carefully, which was no big deal on calm water.
What did we see today? We basically railed from one river- or canal entrance to the next. Long dune lines on the coast, with more or less breaking waves upfront. But all easy and not dangerous. We could land in all of the openings by paddling over smoothly breaking bars. Many of them were used by fishermen. One boat shot out of one entrance against the rising sun like flying off the land. Plenty of boats offshore, and many dolphins close by and around us. Always so nice!
We passed the active fishing camp Los Melagos, and then came to the village of San José…I was already wondering about the satellite images what those houses very close to the waterline were about? They were all washed half away by the sea…built too close to the water years ago. It looked not really amusing…they had a modern small apartment building as a “replacement” sitting not much more inland…and a large Greenhouse area with one white Greenhouse half-black from some fire and smoke. This village seems not to be very lucky!
We liked to have a convenient lunch site inside a breakwater, but just this one had a breaking sandy bar with just a narrow unbroken channel to the side, and we preferred to land in the shelter of the offside. It was pineapple time! I cut up a whole big one, which will last us for tomorrow. We still feasted also on Blueberries and Mangos…
Our nightspot was supposed to be inside another estuary, we were just hoping the entry will be easy. We had to cross the breaker line, but all mellow small waves, and soon we were inside! Nothing scary. I have seen it worse on river mouth or lagoon entries!
We strolled along to find an inviting campsite, while two fishing boats with young guys curiously half-stopped for a closer look. We tried three beaches between mangroves before we decided on the third. Not much sand property here inside the offshore island! But good internet from the villages across.