Sat 15/02-2020 Day 476

Pos: 26.6307,-111.5671

Loc: Bahia San Nicolas
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 36,4 km
Start: 06:35 End: 14:05
We launched early as usual with first light, aiming for Punta Pulpito. Four yachts sought shelter in the bay before a majestic huge rock, which looked in bright sunlight pretty impressive. We found a smaller arch with some a bit tricky to navigate through a channel, but we both passed. The next larger arch was easy, so double luck for today! Once more dolphins allover…maybe some hundred…who knows? In the bay between both headlands, we found a larger house and five white beaches. I am always wondering how the gringos get the permit to build houses on the most pretty nature spots – and kind of destroy the nature for others…
The white beaches around the corner were free of constructions but had marginal surf, which made Elizabeth prefer to hold back her need for a pee I was ok to go in. We passed a fishing village with road access, and another one in a deep bay where we finally had lunch and a pee. The next bay was again full of expensive gringo houses – the contrast couldn’t be bigger, the fishing shacks with the locals and the exclusive bay. We didn’t feel comfortable in neither of them to ask for camping and pushed on. Meanwhile, we had music on, though it is not as much fun than downwind. But it keeps your rhythm of the strokes up on continuously pushing against 12-15 and finally maybe 18 knots wind. Elizabeth holds up amazingly well! I might paddle a bit zig zag when having music on, without music, my motivation is lower and we have pretty much the same speed.
1,5 km behind the gringo cove, I had marked another beach which was fine to land on through some shallow rocky area and tiniest surf. it was a well-used camp spot, though some bird is calling continuously form the bushes. Earplugs for the night…
See how it goes tomorrow, it will be pretty windy from the beginning on. We’ll see.