Sat 22/02-2020 Day 483

Pos: 27.7846,-112.7149

Loc: white sandy beach
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 41,2 km
Start: 07:50 End: 15:50
It is noticeable that the difference between high and low water here further up north becomes larger. It has been about 70 cm when we started, and it is supposed to become u to 2 m soon. But – the so-called “tide” is still high in the morning and low in the evening, since La Ventana. It must be some special form of diurnal tides that seem not to switch around during the day’s hours. Strange. Tonight’s wash up the rocky beach was at least quite noisy – and quite close. But nothing to worry about.
Today’s wildlife were four lonely sea lions, four shy turtles, no dolphins, and a bunch of osprey nests with the latest fashion of woven in plastic strands. Some day ago, we had a nest with a plastic rope tied still to a bottle float hanging and banging down the osprey nest. The plastic trash seems to be a popular interior and exterior nest design. Two curious coyotes strolled along the beach, the first ones we saw on this section! And the first mammals on the beach at all besides a dog and a herd of goats the other days.
We were wondering about yesterday’s many fishing boats passing from the north along our beach, today we found the active fishing camp, but bare of people who likely went all home for the weekend – or such. One car was visible, we were surprised that there must obviously a dirt road be leading to the camp.
I had a hard time identifying the strange marine mammal floating upfront the rocky beach of the camp, which turned out to be a lonely snorkeler. He barely lifted his head seeing us, and went back to business. Not that there are many kayakers or even people around here…this guy must have come from the single boat afloat a bit offshore. All other boats were hauled up the beach.
Just around the corner, we thought there were an over-dimensional Blue-Footed Boobies floating on the sea, but this was just another snorkeler with blue fins. This younger guy’s eyes almost popped his diving mask when he suddenly saw me appearing beside him, but no, I was no sea monster. He at least replied our “hola”, and finally started to smile and took his snorkel out of the mouth to reply to our greetings. I was curious what e was up to diving off the ground, as we always assumed this must be some shells, but what he finally pulled proudly out of his net he held underwater was a quite well-sized octopus! Yuck! It seems like people are eating those…
The day went on a bit tedious for me, when there is no ripple in the sea and the scenery doesn’t have much to show off, I tend to fall asleep while paddling. After lunch, Elizabeth was ok with playing some music, and soon we also had some ripples and some headwind as forecasted. But basically, the sea stayed calm, just the winds down the mountains and arroyos were gusty and pretty strong.
We stopped in the shelter of a reef to have a peep over the spit, and if we might still be able to reach our today’s goal of a white sandy beach in about 40 km distance. It was Elizabeth’s call, and he brave lady decided to keep on going against 15 – 20 knots wind in gusts. in between, we also had more sheltered corners and could have landed on many gravel beaches. But we both wanted the white sandy beach, and with Elizabeth’s good core paddling technique, she made still great progress with me. I was powered on with my music and was dancing along the headwind waves. Can’t really wait for the downwind side in maybe ten days…
We squeezed through some reef gaps, and bot sat once or twice dry for a few seconds. but the hulls of our kayaks can take some rock contact, as they are pretty well reinforced with multiple layers of extra fiberglass and epoxy. Still, when I turned my kayak around on the beach, I found some deeper scratches I could refill at some point. But not urgent.
On snorkeling, I stirred up dozens of rays with roundish tails and one which ad the pointy one of the typical stingray. Millions of tiny fish babies floated around on the reef, and I found once more a 23-arm sun-start fish
On the beach walk, we found some strange different shaped and much thicker sand dollars, here likely named sand pesos. They were looking like a knight’s shield, really pretty!