Sun 09/02-2020 Day 470

Pos: 25.6040,-111.1855

Loc: north of Agua Verde
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 39,8 km
Start: 07:25 End: 15:30
I was just in the deepest sleep and recovery phase of this night when some nasty coyote started to howl through the bright full moon night. Sure I was vertical in my tent and tried to catch at least some view of the beasts dancing on the beach in the moonlight, but the cowards decided to rather howl at us hidden in the dunes. I couldn’t get back to sleep and was reading for an hour. Well, that’s camping in the wilderness…
On paddling, I heard a whale to the left behind us, and again, but neither of us could see more than a weak spout but hear the breathing. No show of some back or fins. Strange species. maybe he was too old to show off. Some sit on top kayak and later two halfway decent paddlers came across our path, but we just had music on for the first time and kept on pushing downwind without stopping. Elizabeth found it funny to paddle with music, and I enjoyed my dancing with the waves criss-cross upfront her not to make too much headway in relation to my paddling partner. But she also got inspired, and we speeded along with 7-8 km/h. Nice! Some small surf, and a moderate following wind. We deserved that!
The scenery was mixed today upfront stunning mountains with some houses and car campers, a big cruise ship ad the same yacht from yesterday. Pelicans allover, and one single sea lion feeding happily in the morning. Where are the big amounts of marine mammals Baja is known for? Maybe it’s not the right season? But honestly, I expected more wildlife in the water. On land, we regularly see heaps of donkey shit, but no animals.
We tried our animal watching luck first time with real snorkeling in the evening, and got to see some well worth underwater world. Lots of fish of all kinds, colors and sizes, fat sea urchins, a four-arm starfish – is that the same as a four-leaf clover? Some large fan corals and brain corals, one large spiky pufferfish and one really big fish of whatever kind. the water was moderately warm, and I had some hard time to get back to warm hands and feet.
Elizabeth enjoys staying outside all evening and is glued to her camp chair, whereas I rather like my sleeping bag to warm up and handle my electronics rather inside my Hilleberg Hotel off the wind, sun, and sand. It is getting light at 6.30 am and dark at 6 pm, so daylight is still short here. Nights are actually pretty chilly, and my thin sleeping bag and blanket system is on the limit. Two more days to Loreto. I actually don’t feel very much like hitting a tourist town…