Sun 15/03-2020 Day 505

Pos: 27.7771,-109.8409

Loc: Estero de Santa Lugarda
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 41,3 km
Start: 6:45 End: 14:40
Our night was quiet and peaceful, with no waves rolling on the beach, just gentle lapping splash a meter from the tent. Still, like on the other side of the Sea of Cortéz, the water is high at midnight and noon, with no changes during the week and month. Strange.
We had to drag our kayaks over shallow sand out to get afloat, while a coyote was searching for our possible leftovers. Many fishing boats were out on the lagoon on Sunday morning, and some of them startled when seeing us. But all of them pulled out a broad smile when they noticed two gringas and not gringos were coming along their way…? W noticed also again two guys standing in the water with their afloat tires where they keep their catch. Not 100% sure about their fishing method though. A small palm tree area on the beach was home of a shrine and a large madonna picture. It looks like an inviting place for a wedding?
We stopped on the last stretch of the inner island coast with the only reasonable beach around, the rest ere shallow coastline with mangroves and some narrow sandy beach spots, like we had chosen for our last camp. this sandy beach section was home for the fishermen sorting their catch of the day. We found large turtle shells, piles of white and ink conches, heads including spine and stinging tails of large manta rays, and many other shells and fish heads. Simply dumped on the beach for vultures and coyotes. basically fine, if there wouldn’t be also dozens of old nets, hundreds of plastic bottles and whatever trash is thrown around. Mexican fishermen treat nature in a strange way. The first pink flamingo was flying by, so nice! Also again and again nice, our dolphins in the exit channel and also offshore. Again and again, nice the longer and shorter lines of pelicans flying by, and today many other birds seemed to like it out here.
Three fishermen emptied a long net on the beach, and the coast looked so easy to land everywhere. It breezed less up today than yesterday, and the sea stayed low that we dared to rather land on the open beach then to deal with the tiny confusing breaks of the next river mouth. We both felt a bit worn today and might have gone in even earlier if there wouldn’t have been this guy with his car driving along the beach, fishing here and here and drove another bit ahead of us…finally, he turned around and was gone.
We landed over a small breaking second bar on an easy breaking beach, and thought, this will be the situation we will have to deal on most days and coast stretches – we hope…
There was a herd of cows grazing behind the dunes in reasonable green bushland, and later a cowboy – or gaucho? was guiding the herd of maybe two dozen to the river mouth. An idyllic view! Marg was asking me when a cowboy becomes a gaucho? When they speak Spanish? I knew those guys in Argentina were named gauchos…not sure about Mexico though!