Sun 16/02-2020 Day 477

Pos: 26.6969,-111.5664

Loc: behind Santa Teresa Point
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 8,6 km
Start: 06:35 End: 08:20
We gave it today at least a try, as on other days when the forecast said up to 20 knots, we could at least paddle half a day. But today, things were not really pleasant quite early. I was hoping to reach at least one of the fancy white beaches, but we decided to call it a day already on an only half-white beach with some sandy patches, the rest was gravel to camp on. Better than our last beach – and we had some morning exercise.
There were a bunch of accessible gravel beaches before Santa Teresa Point, but we liked both to push on at least for a while. The point was slightly lumpy in already 18 knots headwind, and the yellow and blue wreck pieces looking like a plane I saw scattered over the rocky shelves and beaches behind around the corner didn’t really encourage me to motivate Elizabeth to keep ongoing. Thank goodness she was concentrated paddling and didn’t see the wreck
We decided to turn in on the first beach I marked and had an easy landing on the sand in low but wide surf. The next sandy white beaches would be even more exposed, and Elizabeth was more than happy with the decision. Let’s rather go hiking and snorkeling!
The latter turned out to be rather a “dry snorkeling” session from the wide rocky exposed shelf, as we bot agreed that the water was pretty wet, too much stirred up from the wind and the reef under the water was worse than the exposed area. We strolled across the tidal pools and discovered a lot of small sea life. Some slimy something looking like a snail pushed its body along with the gaps which still had water, amazing to watch the not really attractive body working only without making out feet or head.
And then came again the dolphin shows, better than in sea world today: – hundreds of guys played across our rocky point, and many of them jumped high into the air for one or even two seconds before splashing back to their friends. What a life! And again and again, back and forth, everywhere…no whales around, though.
We got dry, and after a very early “lunch”, and made our way to explore the wreck. It turned out to have been a wooden trimaran, with its many pieces spread out over three or four beaches. Poor boat…and hopefully not too poor captains. It was bare of anything useful and was probably there already for some years.
We then decided to climb up to a large gaping black cave with another pretty view over the continuous dolphin show. I should have brought my binoculars! the cave looked like some people have used it for sleeping, and we mentally played already “interior design” for life as cavewomen around the area. The enjoy the dolphin show a bit more comfortable, I was close to lower my precious backside on an even grave area without noticing the walnut-size cactus in the middle, but thank goodness just “close”…Mrs. Doctor might have sent me an invoice for the cactus-operation I am already getting enough free advice about all my little aging issues…
A peak was lurking behind the cave, and as we didn’t have enough excitement yet, we decided to climb uphill. Not that much of an easy and undangerous task on the ever-around sharp and loose gravel, but we finally made it with hand and feet uphill to a small ledge, but refused to climb the last peak. The downhill was as scary and sharp-slippery as uphill, and in crab mode, we finally reached flat areas again. Baja is not really an inviting hiking area for my taste – or we better chose more suitable paths for two elderly women.
A long afternoon reading and watching more dolphins made us excited for the calm weather tomorrow – and to reach likely the tip of Bahia Conception.