Sun 23/02-2020 Day 484

Pos: 27.9212,-112.7631

Loc: before Punta San Carlos
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 20,5 km
Start: 08:05 End: 13:20
It was Sunday this morning, chilly and windy, and we both thought after the bit of paddling effort yesterday, we would deserve a bit later start when the sunlight is out already. Thought and said, I grabbed my book for an early morning read.
When we finally were on the water, we decided to paddle into a very wide shallow bay instead of crossing it. There was another fish shed in the first corner, and in the last corner, we found a floating boat and a lonely guy snorkeling. Elizabeth waved at him and asked in a clever mode when he startled a bit when he saw we were women:”Pulpo?” “Are you diving for octopus?” as we had learned from yesterday’s encounter. The guy nodded, but also went back to business. His fish camp was a bit hidden and had a truck sitting beside it. Dirt road access also here, and likely the guy went on a weekend hide to top up his income or his own menu. I still can’t imagine eating octopus…
Around the next corner, another boat with three men was just landing at two other fish sheds. They were preparing to tow the boat up the beach with their truck, greeted us and kept on working. We didn’t see any catch inside this boat. But obviously, there was a dirt road track going along the coast.
We paddled past a bunch of reef areas, where many sea birds and pelican had their rest. Amazingly, we spotted behind the last larger offshore rock two large flocks of sleeping sea lions just floating in the water. Did they get chased away from their rock properties by the birds? Each float had maybe twenty or more sea lions, sticking their flippers up in the air in typical sea-lion-sleeping-mode. One guy was barking. We didn’t get closer and left the animals to their rest.
A deeper bay war lurking for lunch and for some exploring. It seemed like a well-used fisherman’s rest place, minus sheds, plus plenty of trash and fire pits. Why do people need to leave their garbage behind? Hundreds of food cans, whole pots, and pans, metal pieces of whatever kind, bottles of plastic and glass, but also piles of shells from mussels and snails.
We had a walk up the beach and found a wide flat natural salt pan, which joined the place where the three fishermen pulled up their boat. Amazing area! Far behind, we spotted a glimpse of another car in the bush.
It was meanwhile pretty windy, and different tot yesterday’s strong offshore arroyo wind, this was an onshore direction, and the sea was quite up. We launched anyway, to make at least two more hours. But after a while, I thought we don’t need this today, yesterday we did well in strong headwinds, and today can be shorter and with less effort. We found another small halfway sheltered bay and decided to land.
Around the cliffs, I found a rocky tunnel to snorkel through, but with not much to see than falling crabs off the roof. The sea was too lumpy to keep the water clear. Another long cave tunnel was too shallow at this time to make it worth tho go in. Too many crabs on the ground now anyway. I really enjoy the afternoon snorkeling now, as I can keep my hair dry with my latex swim cap. I should have had that piece on my other trips… my shirt is after a day’s paddling crusted with salt anyway, and it dries overnight completely and is fluffy again. Not too bad! Plus we carry enough fresh water for a tiny shower after the sea dip.
On our hike, we felt like walking on the moon. The scenery was surreal with many different colors and piles of gravel and rocks as if a huge bulldozer has shoveled them up at some time. But the arroyo seems to have water maybe once a year or even less, and things are getting shifted around. We found two more sheds, one looking abandoned as many, one tried to have been a bit more solid and looking more like a cabin, with even two-bed frames and an outer sign showing “This is the property of…”, but it was also abandoned since years. Its quite fancy outhouse was blown downhill and now one could sit vertical and poop uphill…
Later, we made some funny pictures with a large empty turtle shell…both of us kneeling down one after the other, and making the turtle…LOL!