Thu 05/03-2020 Day 495

Pos: 28.8223,-111.9457

Loc: Bahia Kino
Acc: Islandia Marina cabin
no paddling today
I started working on waypoints all morning until Elizabeth was packed to catch her bus on the first section of her journey home. Our friendly RV neighbor Harvey too us three on his four-wheeler cart dropped Elizabeth at the bus station, and Marg and myself at the supermarket. It was a decent size, but sure no Walmart or Lays. We bought plenty of fruit, cheese and eggs for lunch, and only a small amount of sweets and nuts. breakfast is as always oats with powdered milk and some choco powder. Marg brought me besides new neoprene socks some white chocolate bars. Thanks so much for my favorite, here not available sweets!
On a second run to town, we filled our water bags on a water purifying station for a few pesos, and Marg and Harvey used the ATV in town which was conveniently located inside the police station 🙂
I continued for some hours making waypoints for the next four weeks, a concentration job switching between Google maps online, downloading simultaneously my later available offline satellite maps from Virtual Earth via Gmap catcher, comparing both views and copying the interesting landing, village or river entry position via my GPS program “Homeport” to my three handheld GPS. Do your homework now when there is good internet available! And have some backups…
In between, I posted a request on my Facebook about contacts in San Carlos/ Guaymas, as this will be our first city stop for a larger resupply after today’s small shopping in town. Luckily, our old hosts from the yacht SV Pellucidar Walt and Linda have “parked” their yacht in the San Carlos Marina, and allow us another time to sleep on their boat! Despite the yacht is shut down with water, gas and beddings, and the owners are back in the US for a family visit, it is more than good enough for sleeping for free in town! Thanks! We will be doing the bathroom needs in the marina facilities. We will find a taxi ride to town for shopping. So all good in San Carlos! Thanks once more to Walt and Linda!
Marg and I will go now again for dinner, as food is relatively cheap here and we will eat later enough “out of the bags”…