Thu 06/02-2020 Day 467

Pos: 24.8824,-110.6862

Loc: Cabeza de Mechudo
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 11,8 km
Start: 06:50 End: 09:30
The forecast said headwinds up to 25 and 27 knots, but as the night was calm and clear, we gave it a very early start to make some distance until the forecasted winds really kick in. It was a magnificent morning with a sunrise over the sea and a few whales spouting and showing their backs far offshore. Our western land side was glowing brightly in the early morning sun and had some amazing high rock formations to show off. Life could be worse! The headwind was already there with about 15 knots, but the sea very calm, and the wind did not bother us too much. Some bays had more shelter, some tips less. We stayed close in and had nothing to worry about.
A poor large dolphin must have been freshly stranded. I briefly landed and admittedly used his body as a bumper against some rocks when my kayak got washed sideways on him while taking pictures. His eyes were already picked, but his body looked pretty fresh. That’s sea life!
A large working ship passed by the outer islands, and then came some cruise ship of some size. But none of the boat people see what we see traveling close to the coast. Nor did the sailboat people who ran downwind with slack sail, as it seemed to have been too much wind for them out there.
We rounded a sandy spit with already some effort and some splashing small surf waves but knew there would be another larger spit coming. We tucked close to the coast into the shelter on the southern end and landed to have a look. Finally, the forecasted wind of 25 knots was blowing out there with the sea all white, and we decided to not round this spit anymore. We had our early morning exercise!
Making camp on the unprotected beach was no problem for our solid Hilleberg Keron 4 tunnel tent, we just had to dig down the pegs sufficiently on the sandy-rocky beach and added some rocks on top. Hard to find some solid ones, most of the rocks here are lightweight Vulcano fluffs. Tine for a solid snack in the tent!
Later, we went beachcombing with a bunch of nice finds. We saw some deep holes dug by turtles laying their eggs, amazing they do it on a sandy-rocky beach also and not only in fluffy sand. Many empty eggshells were littered around the holes. We found dried starfish, pelican beaks, many small and a huge spiky puffy fish, and beautiful large shells. We followed the path up an arroyo and thought we’ll find the coastal dirt road, but stopped too early to turn around.
We will have to refill water tomorrow in the tiny village of San Evaristo only 5 km away, we’ll see if we can paddle on after that as it will be still up to 20 knots headwind. The other four days at least will be calm again!