Thu 12/03-2020 Day 502

Pos: 27.5270,-110.5867

Loc: Estero de la Luna entry
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 33,3 km
Start: 6:45 End: 13:40
An onshore windy morning, but nothing to suffer out there. The “surf” is nothing, just tiny waves running along the shallow beaches. The wind swung around to the north, then northeast, and died over some hours. We enjoyed the company of a school of dolphins for a long while. They made some strange splashes while they were fishing which I have never really seen. As if two youngsters were fighting over one fish, though there must be lots.
We passed two Estero openings where we saw fish camps with colorful modern tents, unlike the rotten plastic tarps in Baja where it never rains. And last night, it was raining lots!
The mangroves were growing dense partially just close at the coast but had many gaps with beaches in between. I found one and a half-dead sea lion on the beach, and a swarm of fat vultures on the whole one. Feast time! A dried big turtle was hung high on sticking up a log, plus a net with trash. Quite a strange taste of artwork done by some local fisherman.
in the morning wind, we had a good push of 2 km/h, then it was a dead calm. Until the dark horizon on the west gave us a bit of thought…it breezed up again onshore, more and more, with finally 20 -25 knots. It just happened we passed one of those inviting openings and saw it as a sign of nature we should call it a day after 33 km already. We were both a bit chilly and wet even with our jackets on, so waiting out the stormy hours was no real option when we conveniently got blown with 5 km/h into the shelter of the Estero opening. Just then, a motorboat came out with three fishermen not looking really happy when we greeted them, they reduced speed and probably thought they now need to help two gringo damsels in distress? I raised my thumb to show we were ok, and they quickly accelerated their boat again. No problems, just a little windy out there! Karel had forecasted 25 knots for the evening, was this already the evening strong wind? It lasted for maybe 1,5-2 hrs, then it was calmer again. We’ll see what the evening brings.
We quickly put up our tent, stuck all pegs deeply into the soft sand with some wooden pieces for a hammer and shoveled some sand around the tent walls. Despite the wind, I went for a dip, and then we had an exploration walk on the low dunes and beach. We found some new shells in black and tiger stripe, plus nine fat white birds sitting out there on a small sandbank which looked at first like white pelicans, but finally, Marg got the idea those might be spoonbills or something?
The wind is still down now, maybe this was it for today? If it blows at night, we are securely sheltered and all set.