Thu 13/02-2020 Day 474

Pos: 26.2159,-111.3782

Loc: San Bruno Creek
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 25,7 km
Start: 06:35 End: 11:30
We knew it would be strong headwinds starting again at some point – in the afternoon, or at 9.30 am like yesterday? The night and dawn were dead calm, and we got up at 5 am to be n the water with first light. Some more carrying to the water than usual took its time, but we are finally a perfect team to get ready with things faster than the first day
It felt great to be back paddling after even only one day’s rest, though was Elizabeth tempted to stay another day…? If we get scared about the wind breezing up, we won’t get very far in the northern direction.
Some fishing boats were out, and a bunch of more or less fancy houses was scattered up to the point at Coronado Island. The swell was for while up behind the point, but nothing serious.
Some guys were fishing with a round throw net from a boat close to shore. Suddenly, we had two large dolphins coming up to us! One of them, instead of gliding in an elegant arch through the water as dolphins do when they are feeding, literally got startled when he almost ran into Elizabeth’s kayak and looked at her for a split second with his head out of the water. So nice! But he probably rater thought what the heck, why was this slow dolphin blocking his way? Sure all happened way too quick for taking pictures…
We came across our first diving boat, one guy on board, two floating in the water, and a minimum three more under the water. Seeing divers, I have always to think of my ex-husband’s (in-)famous story about how he was diving secretly with his Navy Seal colleagues on a nude swimming beach in France, equipped with circular oxygen bottles making no bubbles, and floating silently underwater on their backs, looking upwards, while occasionally “ringing the bells” here and there…LOL…and seeing the nude swimmer rushing to shore like hell…LOL
We had no real plan where to land and I didn’t even give it a look on the satellite images, but the closer it got to noon, the more I was marking potential beaches to land and camp in case the wind gets too strong. But the best-sheltered beach came up just in perfect timing, San Bruno Creek, which was even marked with an open wet entrance on my really bad chart on my GPS. It turned out there was no entrance anymore, but some large water areas behind sandy bars. A big rotten fishing shelter and three likely not anymore used boats gave us first the impression of an inhabited beach corner, but it was abandoned and we had the sheltered corner for ourselves – we thought…it didn’t take ten minutes, and a US-Baja retiree, with a car bleached as much as his hair, drove with his dog up to “our” beach while we had climbed the cliffs for a better overview. But he realized we fancied our privacy on camping and was thank goodness so polite to drive off again.
We made our exploration walk but found beside a lot of trash around the (fishing) campsites in the bush not much to discover than a nice wide dried out creek area. It almost reminded me of Alaska, minus the lush wildlife, carcasses, and footprints there. Here, besides the usual donkey shit minus the donkeys, only the pelicans and other sea birds gave us some entertainment. Snorkeling was also nothing worth in the wind waves. We spend a relaxing afternoon and are hoping for a full day’s paddling tomorrow. Though we got much further today than we expected!