Thu 20/02-2020 Day 481

Pos: 27.3368,-112.2633

Loc: Santa Rosalia
Acc: SV Pellucidar

no paddling today

I slept so well on the top of the yacht, just covered with some tarp and plenty of fresh air. Our kayaks were just on the dock beside me. The bench was a bit narrow, but I wouldn’t have changed it for the choice of the bow bunk with little ventilation. Elizabeth stayed in the large bow with at least a small roof opening. I had earplugs in, but I would have liked some constant banging noise all night rather be gone.

After some tries with the nearby but weak wifi from the gas station, I finally moved to the marina office where I was welcomed to use the relatively fast internet and could do my office work and could upload all pictures. The job is done. Shopping at the supermarket was next, packing food straight on the dock beside the yacht was next. Business in a city as usual.

While I was working, Elizabeth preferred to have breakfast somewhere in town and went for some sightseeing. Santa Rosalia is an old mining town with a lot of industrial leftovers from its high time. No really pretty to look at, but probably quite interesting to explore.

We’ll leave tomorrow morning, and our hosts will also leave the harbor to cross the Gulf of California to find a place where they can leave their yacht for a short trip home. Thanks again to Linda and Walt for hosting us!