Thu 27/02-2020 Day 488

Pos: 28.0448,-112.8028

Loc: before Punta Juan Bautista
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
no paddling today
Three and more than a half-day unwanted beach asylum will be finished tomorrow. We’ll paddle on Friday. The night was still very windy, but basically, we could have paddled again in the morning for about four hours and did not due to the forecast of up to 25 knots, but this happened later in the day with quite some whipped up sea over lunchtime.
But we went for a hike in southern direction. It was less hot but the same rocky cactus vegetation like everywhere. We were once more wondering about the cow and/ or donkey poop all around, as we saw nowhere any animals besides coyotes and two hares. No freshwater nowhere either. But one poop pile was definitively fresh and maybe only day’s old. Where are the beasts, and what are they living on? We found an old large rocky corral, so at some point, at least the plan has been here within all the private property signs to farm some cattle, but it must have been a long while ago.
We also climbed a huge rocky wall which almost looked man-made, and was consisting out of large volcano boulders. But different to that corral, his wall was natural. It had a few small abut two meters in diameter craters on top which themselves looked man-made with the taken out rocks piled to small ring walls – for what purpose? This land here has many miracles…
But it is no miracle we’ll be paddling tomorrow again! Still, there are so far gusts up to 20 knots forecasted, but going down the afternoon. We will have enough shelter from the land and offshore wind to get us going all right…