Tue 03/03-2020 Day 493

Pos: 28.8223,-111.9457

Loc: Bahia Kino
Acc: Islandia Marina cabin
Dist: 35,0 km
Start: 6:35 End: 13:25

Elizabeth’s last paddling day started with RAIN! We haven’t had any besides a few drippers which didn’t even wet the tent, but since yesterday afternoon, it was raining quite strongly all night. The whole morning it was on and off, and finally around noon dry and sunny again.

Our last crossing was basically smooth also, it was just strange to have the sub in the face going straight east! For a while, a slight wind was in our back, and the low criss-cross waves developed to tiny surfable ones. And off I was! Flying along is so nice, and the kayak was quite bare of food and water…but I was a good girl and didn’t overdo flying away from my paddling partner Elizabeth.

We finally noticed the “island” we were aiming to was the headland to the left of Bahia Kino Nuevo, and our island upfront the old town was floating in the air upfront some low lying land. I was already wondering about the strong drift to the left LOL! But this mad us finally strolling the last ten kilometers along the beachfront of Bahia Kino with some reasonable fancy beach houses. But it was a ghost town…about 95 % of all houses had the blinds down, and no one was around. Is it really off-season in March?

Elizabeth had signed us into a caravan park with some cabins, which was just the perfect place to get to with not much effort. We moved into the quite spacy cabin and were looking forward to the hot shower, but unfortunately, the water stayed cold…but better cold and clean than dirty and sweaty.

We could do our laundry with our friendly RV neighbors Harvey and Linda, who also gave us a hand and some pieces of information. Thanks so much! We did the usual cleaning of gear and kayaks, had some tacos in town and will be expecting Marg arriving tomorrow to swap places. We will likely launch on Friday again.